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Thai Shrimp Cake (Tod Mun Goong)

Miranti’s blog The High Heel Gourmet is an excellent source for learning how to prepare authentic Thai food. Every recipe I’ve tried from her has been a success, and without ever having set foot in Thailand I somehow feel comfortable about the authenticity of the Thai dishes that I prepare guided by Miranti. 640 more words


Marinated Mackerel

Mackerel is a cheap and tasty fish that is healthy as well because it is full of the omega 3 fatty acids. In this recipe the fat mackerel is paired with a tart marinade and sweet onions. 406 more words


Ham Hock Terrine Sous-Vide (Jambon Persillé)

Two years ago I made jambon persillé for the first time, for a Burgundy-themed wine dinner. Jambon persillé is a terrine of ham hock (pork shank) with parsley. 838 more words


Kerupuk, Krupuk, Kroepoek (Shrimp Crackers)

Because of our, euphemistically put, shared history, kroepoek (Indonesian shrimp crackers, the Indonesian spelling is kerupuk or krupuk) is very common and very popular in the Netherlands. 782 more words


Wakame Seaweed Salad

Seaweed is healthy and delicious, and it is pretty simple to make your own wakame seaweed salad. With a soy, sesame and chili dressing the crunchy seaweed is a delicious appetizer or snack. 276 more words


Butternut-Parsnip Soup with Shrimp

There is a drawback of being a good cook — some friends tend to be intimidated by your prowess in the kitchen and don’t dare to invite you back over for dinner. 816 more words

Wine Pairing