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Kombucha Cycle 4/8


This is the coffee kombucha batch, it’s still way too sweet. The acid/sour character is just starting to appear so I think it will probably need another week or so unless I bump its heat up a bit. 136 more words


Kombucha Cycle 3/28

I finally picked up another fermenter so I will be trying a coffee kombucha. I’ve seen drastically mixed reviews on this so if it’s bad I probably won’t try it again and will just use that fermenter for herbal teas instead. 135 more words


Kombucha Cycle 3/15

I’ll be getting at least 1 more 1 gallon fermenter this week to increase my normal production capacity. There are cheaper 1 gallon glass vessels… 110 more words


Kombucha 1/26/2018

After this latest batch finishes primary it’ll be time to split the scobies up again. The plan is to get 1 or 2 more 1 gallon mason jars to do some experimental batches, either coffee or oak additions during primary. 22 more words