8 Aug 2018 (AFR) - E-commerce and soft yields threaten shopping centres: BIS Oxford

(8 August 2018, AFR, p39, by Nick Lenaghan)

‘Reduced spending on clothing and footwear combined with a growing market share in spending taken by e-commerce will weigh on shopping centre income over the next decade, according to BIS Oxford Economics. 62 more words

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8 Aug 2018 (AFR) - Turkish bank funding key as crisis looms

(8 August 2018, AFR, p13, by Asli Kandemir)

Istanbul | Investors are watching closely to see whether Turkish banks will maintain access to the foreign funding they need to keep economic activity humming, as the economy is battered by US sanctions, rating cuts, concern about a looming fine on a state bank and a plunging lira.’ 15 more words

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8 Aug 2018 (AFR) - Upbeat RBA holds rates steady at 1.5 per cent for record 22 consecutive meetings

(8 August 2018, AFR, p6, by Patrick Commins)

‘The Reserve Bank of Australia provided another vote of confidence in the economy on Tuesday, but gave no hint that above-trend growth and an improving labour market would translate into tighter monetary policy any time soon. 56 more words

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7 Aug 2018 (AFR) - Office deals hit a record $19bn with cycle close to peaking

(7 August 2018, AFR, p31, by Larry Schlesinger)

‘A record $19 billion worth of commercial towers changed hands in the 2018 financial year as the Australian office market “edged” towards the bottom of the yield cycle, according to figures compiled by Colliers International. 36 more words

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7 Aug 2018 (AFR) - New car sales plunge in July as wealth effect reverses - Is this the canary in the coal mine?

(7 August 2018, AFR, p26, by Patrick Commins)

‘The bottom dropping out of the market for new cars is an early and worrying sign that falling house prices are starting to have an impact on Australians’ spending decisions. 65 more words

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6 Aug 2018 (AFR) - Less stress for renters as housing market cools: ME survey

(6 August 2018, AFR, p32, by Nick Lenaghan)

‘Rental stress is falling in the wake of cooling housing markets and falling rents, ME’s latest… 57 more words

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6 Aug 2018 (AFR) - US jobs data says Goldilocks economic conditions persist

(6 August 2018, AFR, p20, by Timothy Moore)

‘The US economy continues to expand at a strong pace with relatively moderate inflation pressures, a key reason why the yield on the 10-year Treasury note has failed to push convincingly through the 3 per cent level. 44 more words

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