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Adina Novak: "Attorney Marketing - How to promote legal services"

Our conversation with Adina Novak, marketing director of #1 Marketing should be particularly interesting for people who have relevance to the legal business.

– Adina, what does basically legal marketing mean? 780 more words

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Marketers Are From Mars

Marketers are not typical consumers: They’re more likely than other online consumers to explore new digital environments, own a smartphone, and use various digital media frequently. 34 more words

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Marketing mix (Price, Place, Promotion, Product) Marketing mix business studies and business english | The Times 100

The marketing mix of Manchester United

What are the main elements of the marketing mix of Manchester United? First of all the product includes providing an excellent football team that plays and wins in an exciting way. 214 more words

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Pricing - Five Reasons Your Advertising Shouldn't Lead With Price

Especially in this economy, small businesses are tripping over themselves to tell customers about their low, low prices. But in an article at MarketingProfs, Dan Hill… 129 more words

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Big News: a brand new beginning...

Hello all,

I’ve been rather useless on this site lately, but the reasons are valid. I’ve hinted a few times that I have some rather big news, and now is the time to share it to the world. 659 more words

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The Turndog Tales: 08/04 - 13/04

Hello everybody and welcome to the Turndog Tales, a round up of the week’s best news. I’ve been on an off with my Blog Posts in the last week or so, and I’m afraid this will continue in the coming weeks. 814 more words

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The Turndog Tales: 25/03 - 30/03

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Turndog Tales, my weekly round up of all the best news I’ve come across. I’d like to wish a hello to all those returning, and also to those who are visiting for the first time. 695 more words

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