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Vinny Lingham: 'Bitcoin has 0.25% Chance to Hit $1 Million'

In a response to Naval Ravikant tweet where he said: “Bitcoin will be a store of value when everyone believes it is. The price is the current probability. 50 more words


Jim Cramer Predicts Bitcoin Price will reach $1 Million

CNBC‘s Jim Cramer says it’s possible Bitcoin’s price could reach $1 Million one day. 57 more words


30 d.b.ch. day 11: What I would do with 1 Million bucks

I guess a lot of people are dreaming of waking up one morning and having 1 million cash in front of them, packed in a silver suitcase… just like in movies…😃 135 more words

30 Day Challenge 2017

Step 1

      Now this post might not look like it’s about my finances, but this will be the backbone of my quest to $1 million.

Though I’m not extremely out of shape, I’ve definitely put on some extra baggage the last few years. 66 more words


Woman Tries To Prove Playing The Lottery Is Dumb, Wins $1 Million!

This could be the best “I told you so!” ever! The Huffington Post reports that when a woman tried to show her husband that playing the lottery is a waste of money, she ended up actually winning instead! 51 more words