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Have an income problem?

For those who have done a budget and have a close budget or even a budget in the red(meaning your losing money each month) $1000 could change your world and could make being in debt, a thing of the past, much faster! 470 more words

Deep Debt

10,000 Recordings - Love

Wow – just wow. That is what I have to say about 10,000 Recordings’ new electronic track “Love”. It isn’t their track per say, but they will release the name of the artist if the song reaches 10,000 plays by the end of the month (cool concept). 41 more words

4 Wochen // 1 Monat Monchichi sein 

Hallo Welt,

heute mal nur auf Deutsch… 2 Wochen sind seit meinem letzten Post vergangen, ich kann euch sagen… Die Zeit fliegt mit einem Baby. Manchmal weiß ich gar nicht was für ein Wochentag ist, geschweige denn welche Uhrzeit. 679 more words


Junior 1 Month later... I have been deceived!

Where do I start! I can’t believe Junior is a month old already! Don’t get me wrong, I have counted each and every single day yet here we are at one month already! 463 more words


My journey to a 760 on the GMAT with a month's prep

In February 2012, I decided to take the GMAT plunge. It is hard for me to study for an exam over an extended period of time. 1,715 more words

#1 Month

First Month Recap

One month ago today, I started this blog because I was inspired to tell the world about the simple, common sense approach to money that at age 31 I finally learned. 228 more words

Deep Debt

One month and sick

Wow it’s been a while. That little cold turned out to be RSV which landed Peanut in the hospital last Monday through Thursday. She needed the deep suction the hospital can do plus oxygen as her levels were in the low to mid 80’s. 422 more words