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Babies' Important Milestones From 1-12 Months

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With my little one going on 4 months now and her starting to do all these awesome things I thought I’d write a post about baby milestones. 858 more words

Life With Baby


After having a baby, you start out tracking their age in weeks.  After getting through three weeks, we finally hit the first “big” milestone – one month old!  913 more words


Corbin Travis: 1 Month

Little man is already a month old! He was 4 weeks last Thursday and 1 month on Sunday 4/22. Some nights are super long but the time has actually gone by fast. 1,259 more words


You know, most people really don’t know me.

Happy 1 month anniversary to the Brown Beauty Blog! This month has flew by! I feel like I have covered a lot of topics but there is still so much to say. 235 more words

1 Month

Hey guys, today is 1 Month ever since I started blogging. It is a great moment for me as I honestly don’t think I would stay on here. 75 more words

Noah’s 1st month update.

4.3 weeks, 31 days, 744 hours, 44640 minutes, 2678400 seconds.

Choose whichever one you want but this is how long Noah’s been with us so far. 765 more words


1 month

Well I did it, i feel this was a foot in the right direction 🎉🎉 , tell you what though it’s not easy, just have to recognize you have the power over cigarettes not the other way around, you can say no… 30 more words