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1 Month Old!

The cliche of how time flies when you having fun is not really a cliche. Time really does fly when you having fun. Our little one turned 1 month old not too long ago and being the picture loving person that I am, took pictures of our little one every day. 62 more words

30 Day Reading Challenge?

Greetings! As you can see by the title, starting on June 1st, I personally made a goal to read one book a day this whole month. 272 more words




我的理性曾經令我懷疑過那個人係唔係一個年輕的內地遊客假冒成香港大學的本科生,到處騙銀包騙感情。我的理性亦吿訴我不要那麼幼稚,現實生活中根本沒有所謂的一見鍾情(this is infatuation, not love!)  但後來我發現我的理性很不理性。就是因爲我以理性為借口,不想承認自己喜歡上他,我當晚很刻意沒有好好記下他的全名,也沒有問那個人拎contact (只係敷衍下那個人留咗自己電話)。我亦自以為很好成熟好識諗野,刻意放他飛機,係1881 Heritage只留下一封拒絶信……

那個男生曾經講過  : 每個人有自己的人生,並且要對自己的人生負責任。就是因爲要對自己的人生負責,那個人鼓起無限的勇氣認識他來香港以來第一個自己認識的朋友。






Church Family!

We absolutely loved working with the Church family! We are sad to see them move but excited for their next chapter in life. Mr. Harrison and Miss. 9 more words

No Anniversary Posts

I realized on April 26th that I hadn’t done a post for my dad’s one month anniversary. And since I never missed my brother’s, it was always on that day, I didn’t think it was right to post one almost 4 days late for dad. 53 more words


1 Month in Thailand

In case you’re lucky enough to have a full month in Thailand and want to steal an itinerary or are just visiting some of the same places and looking for recommendations here is an overview of our month in Thailand: 7,672 more words

The countdown

Dear Future Livia,

Yes, without the accent because this is a British computer, 9 months ago you moved to Amsterdam. Now you are moving again. You are very happy about this decision and you decided to document your last month here. 43 more words

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