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1 Nephi 8


Lehi sees a vision of the tree of life—He partakes of its fruit and desires his family to do likewise—He sees a rod of iron, a straight and narrow path, and the mists of darkness that enshroud men—Sariah, Nephi, and Sam partake of the fruit, but Laman and Lemuel refuse. 1,004 more words

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1 Nephi 7


Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem and invite Ishmael and his household to join them in their journey—Laman and others rebel—Nephi exhorts his brethren to have faith in the Lord—They bind him with cords and plan his destruction—He is freed by the power of faith—His brethren ask forgiveness—Lehi and his company offer sacrifice and burnt offerings. 730 more words

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1 Nephi 6


Nephi writes of the things of God—Nephi’s intent is to persuade men to come unto the God of Abraham and be saved.

1 Now I won’t give the genealogy of my ancestors in this part of my record, nor will I give it anywhere else on these plates which I am writing, because it is given in the record which has been kept by my father, so I will not write it in this work. 142 more words

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1 Nephi 5


Sariah complains against Lehi—Both rejoice over the return of their sons—They offer sacrifices—The plates of brass contain writings of Moses and the prophets—The plates identify Lehi as a descendant of Joseph—Lehi prophesies concerning his seed and the preservation of the plates. 637 more words

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1 Nephi 4


Nephi slays Laban at the Lord’s command and then secures the plates of brass by stratagem—Zoram chooses to join Lehi’s family in the wilderness. 1,025 more words

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1 Nephi 3


Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plates—Laban refuses to give the plates up—Nephi urges and encourages his brethren—Laban steals their property and attempts to kill them—Laman and Lemuel smite Nephi and Sam and are reproved by an angel. 810 more words

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1 Nephi 2


Lehi takes his family into the wilderness by the Red Sea—They leave their property—Lehi offers a sacrifice to the Lord and teaches his sons to keep the commandments—Laman and Lemuel murmur against their father—Nephi is obedient and prays in faith; the Lord speaks to him, and he is chosen to rule over his brethren. 711 more words

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