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A Clue to Understanding Jacob 5

I was in Sunday School recently, and we were studying Jacob 5. The conversation began with how intimidating Jacob 5 – the Allegory of the Olive Tree/Vineyard – can be. 1,419 more words


1 Nephi 11: Love Spreads

1 Nephi 11 tweet: N desires 2c what Lh saw. N sees the ToL + condescension of God. N sees Jesus lifted on the X. N sees the 12 and the fall of G&S building. 1,333 more words

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1 Nephi 10: An Unfolding Mystery

1 Nephi 10 tweet: Lh prophesies Jews 2 return, JB 2 baptise Messiah, Israel 2b scattered + gathered + Gentiles grafted in. N seeks his own experience. 1,010 more words

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1 Nephi 9: A Wise Purpose

1 Nephi 9 tweet: N makes 2 sets of plates: 1. full history; 2. ministry. Ministry plates R4 a wise purpose that N knows not. God prepares 2 accomplish all. 882 more words

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1 Nephi 8: Hold Fast

1 Nephi 8 tweet: Lh sees a vision: a fruitful tree, a rod & mist, a G&S building. He sees grps of people: pressing, partaking, wandering, drowning, pointing. 1,112 more words

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1 Nephi 8: Fruit Most Sweet

As discussed previously, Lehi’s vision is at the heart of the original Book of Mormon chapter II. It is preceded by Nephi stating that his purpose is to persuade readers to come unto the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, i.e. 955 more words

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1 Nephi 8: The Way

Writing about this chapter is harder than I thought it would be. Because the vision lends itself to artists’ renditions – even Sunday school teachers are used to sketching out the various symbols on a board – from a young age we have in our minds an idea of what Lehi saw. 1,239 more words

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