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Reflection: 1 Samuel 2:1-11

Dear Friends,

In this post, I want to provide some reflection on the passages we looked at last week. The discussion questions were designed to encourage a simple study of the text; this reflection is meant to push those findings a step further and ask questions like: How do these passages help us to understand who God is? 711 more words

1 Samuel

Overview Of The Old Testament: 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 1-7

Hannah ‘prayed to the Lord’ (1:10-11). God answered her prayer (1:20). God does not always answer our prayers in the way that we want. 1,330 more words

1 Samuel

What's So Wrong With Stereotypes?

Second Sunday After Epiphany

The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.”
Philip, like Andrew and Peter, was from the town of Bethsaida. 1,111 more words


Study Prep for 21-Jan

Hello Friends,

For our next session, please read the following sections:

  • 1 Samuel 2:1-11  Hannah’s Prayer
  • 1 Samuel 2:12-26  Eli’s Wicked Sons
  • 1 Samuel 2:27-36  Prophecy Against the House of Eli…
  • 387 more words
1 Samuel

Thursdays With Oswald—Using The Sword For Good And Not Harm

This is a weekly series with things I’m reading and pondering from Oswald Chambers. You can read the original seed thought here, or type “Thursdays With Oswald” in the search box to read more entries. 468 more words

Introduction | 1 Samuel

As we approach the text of 1 Samuel, we need to understand some basics about the time and place of the book.

In the beginning – literally, we find several prominent leaders in the first few pages of the Bible. 520 more words

1 Samuel