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The Witch of Endor’s Nature

At the end of their encounter with Samuel, the witch moves to comfort Saul. She wasn’t, by human standards, evil. What we see is a woman that, despite having fear of Saul in the beginning, does nothing to show malice towards him. 402 more words

1 Samuel

He was just a boy - at the start of something big!

1 Samuel

These thoughts are based on 1 Samuel 3.

He was just a boy –

At the start of something big!

God had great things planned for Samuel. 14 more words

1 Samuel

Central and Primary

David’s example challenges me.

Yesterday morning, I read a few chapters in 2 Samuel. In chapter 5, David sought the Lord before two different encounters with the Philistines. 422 more words


So You Want to Talk With the Dead...

The story of Saul and the Witch of Endor played a significant role in my coming to terms with the difference between what God calls evil, and what Man calls evil. 847 more words

1 Samuel

1 Samuel 28-31 - Keep Us in Your Way


May the life of Saul serve as a bitter reminder to us that the way of the world ends in death and destruction. He intentionally rebelled and continually went his own way. 77 more words

Praying The Scriptures

Responding To Mistreatment


There will always be Nabals and Sauls who insult and try to harm your people. May we humbly learn to rest in You. May we not seek vengeance on those who harm and insult us. 53 more words

Praying The Scriptures

Our Authentic Purpose

Hannah yearned for purpose in a world in which women’s worth was only childbirth and nurturing children.

Like Hannah, we live in a world which defines our worth by standards not all of us can meet. 118 more words

Call To Worship