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Visit to 9/11 Memorial in NYC

Ever since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade towers on September 11, 2001, I have been unable and unwilling to visit the site. I knew that visiting would be highly emotional, and I both wanted and didn’t want to be with other people when the tears came. 1,132 more words


Judge Scolds World Trade Center Parachuters, Won't Toss Case

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Three extreme-skydiving enthusiasts showed “inexcusable self-indulgence” by parachuting off the 1 World Trade Center tower, a judge said Tuesday in declining to toss out the felony case against them. 610 more words


World Trade Center Window Washers Say Training Kept Them Calm

Two window washers who became stuck in scaffolding off 1 World Trade Center this week said in a news conference Friday that their training helped to keep them calm while awaiting rescue. 111 more words

World Trade Center window washers to speak about harrowing ordeal and rescue

WATCH ABOVE: Window washer describes the feeling of dangling from scaffolding at One World Trade Center.

NEW YORK – The two World Trade Center window washers whose crippled scaffold dangled for hours from the nation’s highest building are ready to speak about their life-or-death drama. 207 more words


Operable window washing

Another set of window washers almost died on a New York skyscraper, this time at One World Trade Center. The cable broke yesterday and the two window washers hung on, waiting for firemen to cut through two sheets of thick glass on the 69th story. 317 more words


Video Game Developer Signs at 1 WTC

In the 12th lease to be signed at 1 World Trade Center, High 5 Games, a digital game creator, has signed a 87,663-square-foot deal spanning the entire 58th and 59th floors of the office tower, according to a press release about the deal. 215 more words

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Did anyone else find the juxtaposition of the two top news stories today weird?

A scientific satellite that was launched ten years ago over 300 million miles into space, with the seemingly  absurd intention of landing it on a 2.5 mile wide comet hurtling through space at over 34,000 miles per hour successfully touched down on the comet’s icy surface without sustaining damage. 129 more words

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