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Last Minute Xmas Gifts

Most of you know that you can buy slippers to look like animals, or “bear” feet, or even Dory slippers1, but here are a few more interesting ones.2… 277 more words


Terror Tots: We Must Prepare for the Child-Fighters of ISIS

There are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of children who live under ISIS control.

We might not know exactly how many children there are, but we do know that ISIS’ children have proven to be effective weapons and warriors in the battles waged by their elders. 696 more words


Safety Rises in Post-9/11 Buildings With Fresh Ways to Get Down

What’s the first thing we learn about evacuating tall buildings? Use the stairs, not the elevators, right? But in the post-September 11th era, engineers, government regulators and skyscraper safety experts have reevaluated that conventional wisdom. 1,053 more words

1 World Trade Center