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the world keeps turning

Today, the first of the babies due the same week as Noah turned one. She’s the daughter of a dear friend. They call her their sunshine baby, and it makes me nervous, as if they are tempting fate. 53 more words



The panic has finally set in of how much work I have to do and not the time to do it in.

So apologies that my blog posts are going to be late, I will add multiple ones in when my deadlines are over, so stick with me and I’ll be back! :)

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Ash Wednesday and Lent

I was brought up Catholic, so technically I am, I don’t go to church every Sunday like I used to and I don’t really follow my religion like I should. 227 more words

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Gunner is O N E !

On Monday, February 9, our Gunner bear turned 12 months. That’s right – I officially have a one year old! How is this even possible? I feel like I was just pregnant…. 215 more words



It’s still cold but it just felt nice to enjoy the sun on the stairs and my feet were actually warm! I just took the photo because it was finally going dark later and I nearly came out of a lecture and it was still light. 88 more words

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Taylor Swift & Jimmy Fallon Take Over Jumbo Tron 'Dance Cam'

Taylor Swift was a guest on Jimmy Fallon‘s special 1st anniversary as host of the Tonight Show last night, and after talking about Taylor’s constant dance moves at each award show…Jimmy showed off some of theirs! 84 more words



I like postcards, they are incredibly sentimental and they are just something I can keep. I like that on my wall are these little postcards and I’m hoping to collect a lot more alongside my Starbucks mugs. 104 more words

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