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I split my packing list into 2 Excel tabs. 1 for carry on, 1 for check in.

Check in (30kg)

General Clothes
2 Formal attire – 1 dress, 1 top and bottom combination… 368 more words


Monthly Estimate

I’ve done an estimate of monthly expenditure based on what I’ve experienced when I went to Japan on short trips as well as based on my current expenditure. 125 more words


Long Term Course

Confirmation for the long term course arrived on November 28, less than a month after I applied. I’ll know 1 month before (more of less) start of the long term course if the Japanese immigration bureau approves of my application for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  72 more words


House Hunt

GGN offered to help me to find an accommodation, but I was already searching through the internet for accommodations myself just in case.

Oakhouse, … 394 more words


Application via GGN

  1. Send an enquiry
  2. Fill in the online application form and personal information form
    (I filled in a different email from the email I used during enquiry, but they’ve matched it up and replied it with the email I first contacted them with.
  3. 314 more words

Go! Go! Nihon email correspondence

This post records some of the things Go! Go! Nihon (hence forth referred to as GGN) informed me about/I asked GGN about. Will be updated as and when new information comes in. 289 more words


Schools 2

These are a list of some of the schools I looked at. You may end up being linked to the Japanese page, but that is solely because their English page(s) are not informative enough. 202 more words