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Eventex: My Five Takeaways From Sofia

They say, when you attend an event, and you take away at least five things that you learned – or five people that you met… 1,150 more words

Social Media Cultivation For Events

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As always some fantastic thoughts from Michael Heipel taken from his own attendance at Eventex. It is very easy as event organisers ourselves to be hyper-critical of the events which we go to, or to get stuck in a rut with what we are providing to our potential audiences. Michael describes a great meeting design seminar which looks like it will have provided some real food for thought. Michael also touches on a topic which we covered a short while ago about technology - he comments "There is a thin line, though, between offering tools for enhanced audience engagement and networking – and asking too much both of the speakers and the delegates."

66% of East Horsley residents council tax is in excess of £270per month

If you live in East Horsley there is a  66% chance your bill will be in £2705.24 or over this year, meaning unless you pay annually that’s £270pcm to add to your household bills. 219 more words


No identifiable “right time of year” to sell you home in East Horsley

According to data from Rightmove, property prices spiked in April 2014 in a 5 year high in East Horsley with the average price of properties sold reaching £1,052,821. 132 more words


I Need To Talk To You

The rock is like, how do you say? Peanut brittle. I take large bites of these massive pieces. Breaking the candy with my teeth and using the pieces that fall to the ground I build a home. 810 more words


Great Article!

Check out this great article we came across today. We’ve been noticing a trend of saying “I can’t” in dance class. We were always taught that saying “I can’t” was another form of giving up. 69 more words