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Mission Review: Broken Circle - 4/5 Stars. Bugs and lag not withstanding.

A somewhat ‘spoiler-free’ review. 

Despite the efforts of the past several weeks, this mission was loaded with Lag Spikes.  Lots and lots of lag.  It wasn’t game-ending frustration, but I get the impression that today’s launch delay may have had an impact on the game which is still being felt tonight.   836 more words


UPDATED: Tribble is Giving up some interesting information ;) Cool projects, stats for the T6 Advanced Heavy Cruiser and a new Krenim Bridge Officer.

New T3 weekly projects for the Research Station

In addition to new gear, doffs, and a new sink for fleet marks, the new Delta Research Station fleet holding offers a new twist to special projects.   764 more words

Voigtlander Nokton 10.5mm Shipping and Price Details Revealed

Finally! Voigtlander announced the development of their 10.5mm back in September of 2014 with very little information. Now we have a ship date of June, 2015 and a price of approximately $1,149. 125 more words