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Meet Marissa - The Girl Behind Rissanista!

I’ve never enjoyed blogs that have no personality behind them! Whenever I get really really into a blog, I allllllllllllways check their “About Me” page just to get a real personal feel from that blogger! 867 more words



Hello bloggers!

As most of you have noticed, whether you’re following me on my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/jferlovesfashion) or instagram (@jfernoun) or this blog, I have been on a slight hiatus due to school and work. 224 more words

10 Facts About Me

I thought I would share 10 random facts about myself as I thought it would be fun! Here are some facts you may or may not know about me; … 118 more words

Mummy Blog

10 Facts About Moi

Okay, so I have been thinking (yes I do think a lot and come up with the most ridiculous ideas ever!) But, I came up with an actual bright idea. 399 more words

10 facts about e-cigarettes

The growing popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing at a rapid rate. Given the interest, we thought we would put together 10 facts that you might find suprising about them. 473 more words


10 Things You Didn't Know About Easter

There are a lot of different reasons we celebrate the different holidays we do. Religious beliefs, family, culture, etc.

Here’s a few interesting facts about Easter you might  have not known. 841 more words


10 Facts About Me ; Introduction

So, hey : ) Just a few hours ago, i started this new blog. At the moment I’m really happy with it and I’m super excited to be writing. 406 more words

10 Facts