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Total Body 10 Minute HIIT Workout

It’s all about blasting fat, building muscle, AND burning off those calories while ALSO getting your metabolism fired to a faster burn rate so you can burn more ALL day and night without having to spend more time at the gym! 168 more words

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Workout Wednesday! 

Whether it’s the start of the day, end of the day, or somewhere in the middle – take 10 minutes right now and dedicate it to your body! 96 more words


Flat Stomach Workout- 10 Minutes Only

Want a Lean Stomach? Fitness Model Vicky Justiz shows you a great at home abdominal workout you can do in ten minutes. This workout will give you a nice toned midsection and a sexy strong core.


HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts are all the rage these days! They are so quick and painless (yeah, right). Anyone who has done a HIIT workout knows that they are tough, but the benefits are endless. 72 more words


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I usually play netball twice a week, so I count this as my cardio for the week as it amounts up to about 2 and a half hours which is perfect. 298 more words

The best way to scorch major calories, no gym time wasted here!

I’ve mentioned before the importance of integrating High Intensity Interval Training into your daily routine, this will ultimately burn more calories and give you more strength over time! 227 more words

Fastand Effective Workout