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10-Minute Daily Workout for Humans Who Can Read Blogs About Quick In-Home Workouts

Being consistent with workouts is something we all struggle with, unless we just consistently don’t workout.  I’ve recently started a quick workout regimen that I’m really enjoying. 874 more words


Hi Spring, here's a ten-minute workout!

It’s been a long winter here in Canada. It’s been a long winter filled with depressing news from around the world and small joys in the little circle of my life. 148 more words


300 Workout (Workout Wednesday)

Workout Wednesday

This workout is quite challenging so get ready to put your blood, sweat and tears into this one!! okay , maybe not blood but a lot of sweat and tears… More tears than anything. 223 more words

The Twenty-Second Workout

We can do anything for twenty seconds, right?

There’s lots of research out there showing that twenty seconds of maximum effort can have huge health benefits (e.g. 277 more words


Three ways to add core to your 10 minute yoga flow

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (i.e. before I had kids, when I was cool and lived in the city), I could easily find ten minutes a day to do some yoga. 410 more words


10 minute workouts

I am currently just trying to get in a good hard 10 minute calisthenics style workout in the days I have my daughter which is half of the time. 219 more words


I go through phases

This is something I say all too often and it applies to both fitness and writing. I go through phases in which I write every day and phases in which I don’t write for months. 332 more words