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The best way to scorch major calories, no gym time wasted here!

I’ve mentioned before the importance of integrating High Intensity Interval Training into your daily routine, this will ultimately burn more calories and give you more strength over time! 227 more words

Fastand Effective Workout

Short and intense workout to rev up your day

If you’re looking to burn the most amount of calories for a shorter amount of time, this is the workout for you!

This is great for any level of training, put your best effort into it and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. 105 more words

Fastand Effective Workout

Forrest Yoga... to help in the everyday

When I started taking classes at my yoga studio in Denver, I saw a class that I was unfamiliar with on the schedule… Forrest Yoga.  Unfortunately, the times are terrible for anyone working a traditional 9-5, but I was able to try out the class when I worked from home last week.  216 more words

Keep It Simple (Stupid)

The KISS rule, a cherished rule my dad taught me many years ago. After listening to me overcomplicate things one too many times, my dad turned to me and said, “ 152 more words

10 Minute Workout

Valentine’s Day


I had some car issues today, so I’m doing a quick, light, weights-oriented workout at home.  I’ll be doing this video three times through. 283 more words