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Forrest Yoga... to help in the everyday

When I started taking classes at my yoga studio in Denver, I saw a class that I was unfamiliar with on the schedule… Forrest Yoga.  Unfortunately, the times are terrible for anyone working a traditional 9-5, but I was able to try out the class when I worked from home last week.  216 more words

Keep It Simple (Stupid)

The KISS rule, a cherished rule my dad taught me many years ago. After listening to me overcomplicate things one too many times, my dad turned to me and said, “ 152 more words

10 Minute Workout

Valentine’s Day


I had some car issues today, so I’m doing a quick, light, weights-oriented workout at home.  I’ll be doing this video three times through. 283 more words

10 Minute Home or Travel Workout - No Equipment Required!

This quick workout only takes about 10 minutes and requires no equipment except for a stopwatch (which many of today’s smartphones have) or clock with a second hand. 522 more words

10-Minute Workout

Cardio workout #2 for your in-home training pleasure!

Once again I’m supplying you with a simple, 10-minute cardio workout along with a kickin’ playlist. It’s a great way to change up your exercise routine, prevent boredom and stay active! 22 more words

Exercises & Workouts

Workout Wear + My Favorite 10 Minute Circuit

Jacket: Nike (similar here, here) | Pants: Reebok | Sneakers: Nike | Socks: Reebok (similar)

My sweet husband surprised me with these fun workout pants, sneakers and socks for Christmas.   106 more words

10-Minute Fat-Burning Workout

A full body workout to tone up and lose weight.

1. Plank

2. High Knee Running in Place

3. Jump Squats

4. Push-Ups

5. 37 more words