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10 Random Facts

About me!

  1. I love Sherlock (tv series)

  2. I live in Australia

  3. My favourite animals are foxes and dogs

  4. My favourite band is Panic! At the Disco (Greenday, Castlecomer andĀ Fall out boy are pretty good too)

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Beauty Blogger Award

Hiya! I was lucky enough to be tagged in this Beauty Blogger Award by GlitterSpinachandSquats! I love the idea of this Beauty Blogger Award because it’s a great way to find other beauty bloggers, especially since I’m a fairly new blogger and have yet to really create a community. 1,133 more words


Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books for nominating me! If you don’t already follow her blog, you should seriously check it out.

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10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts for today:

1. The man who invented aspirin also invented heroin in the same year, 1897. (Not sure whether to shake his hand or slap his face). 192 more words

Ten Things

HBD to Me! 10 Random Facts Pt 5

You made it to the end! My birthday is tomorrow and it’s time for the last batch of 10 facts about me. Did you enjoy them? 300 more words

By Elayna

HBD to Me! 10 Random Facts Pt 4

2 more days, 10 more facts! Here we go.

1. Though I have had to wear glasses since I was 9, I have never worn contacts. 222 more words

By Elayna

HBD to Me! 10 Random Facts pt 3

3 more days to go until my birthday! You know what that means! It is time for pt 3 of my 10 random facts about me! 326 more words

By Elayna