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I missed the Party 048

Happy #InternationalPuppyDay @mindythegolden https://t.co/rTYuMok0vl

— Andrea Libman (@AndreaLibman) March 24, 2017

“The ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise.

Well hello there!

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10 Sided Dice

The Daze of Our Lives

Stop at SONIC for a $0.79 Small Ice Cream Slush.

I should not have gotten a Small Ice Cream Slush;
one bite was richer than buttercream frosting,

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A Cure for Wellness

The insurer with my company discounts rates if you enroll in their wellness plan. I have asked two friends to advise and keep me accountable toward this nebulous goal. 39 more words

10 Sided Dice

Bringing down the Landslide, Threshold

With whom I was chatting Saturday, my friend from New Mexico invited me to watch Tom Clancy’s The Division stream from his PlayStation.

As he began a mission, I looked back at the transcript of the chat; I wasn’t brainstorming some blog, I was continuing to worry about earlier this week, so I stopped and just enjoyed.

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We can ride the Boogie, Part 2

The other day, someone spoiled the ending of A Dog’s Purpose for me.

Earlier this morning, I needed to go back to sleep, but something was in my lungs, then I coughed, and you might be able to guess the rest from the title.

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10 Sided Dice