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What do you know 036

Again, I get a special feeling when I’m able to apply the Word of the Day at Dictionary.com – desiderata: things wanted or needed, and let  64 more words


Postscript to Experiment 637

Because I have not reviewed the social media policy for my new employer, I can only say my training is complete, and I will start work as soon as my background checks.

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10 Sided Dice

Bring the beat Back 023

Things that only I can do, while noble, like be available for a friend on a weekday morning, have more to do with a month of unemployment than… 161 more words


die Wiedererlangung der Macht

While I am working again, two or three weeks will pass before my first payday, a Word of the Day at Dictionary.com – sitzmark: a sunken area in the snow marking a backward fall of a skier. 63 more words

10 Sided Dice

I missed the Party 040

Hugs all around! #NationalHugDay #Pinkiepie #fluttershy pic.twitter.com/zDFI5Tlc2L

— Andrea Libman (@AndreaLibman) January 21, 2016

Friends don’t let friends miss Best Friends Day at SONIC!
Stop by…

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