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The Spirit of Radio

After his regular full-time job, my friend Travis and I met on the other side of town at Jack in the Box before he went to his second job. 129 more words

10 Sided Dice

Need more time than that (Again?)

Welcome to JoCo Motor Vehicle: Wait is now 68 min. To ensure service today, return by 4:00 p.m.

— Christopher Hurt (@chris_m_hurt) June 11, 2018…

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On The Road Again (Again?)

Arguably, the mileage on my odometer has reflectional symmetry pic.twitter.com/YEQecSWgmS

— Christopher Hurt (@chris_m_hurt) June 10, 2018

Recapitulation of my visit to my grandmother will have to wait until tomorrow, I’ve driven 6 hours…

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God blessed Rockfest

Now hosted at the Kansas Speedway, Rockfest used to be held at Liberty Memorial, the country’s only the monument to the First World War. Fortunately, … 106 more words

10 Sided Dice

That’s a good day

The Darryl Dawkins Dance,” an episode of The Goldbergs, featured my favorite feature The Transformers: The Movie in a secondary story… 88 more words


That’s All, Folks!

Your mind is a sponge that soaks up whatever you expose it to. Are you exposing it to positive influences or whatever is on TV?

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Okey dokey Lokey!

A better part of my day, my friend from New Mexico streamed Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands, Titanfall® 2, and was playing God of War… 164 more words

10 Sided Dice