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We apologize 029

Valentine’s Day, Princess Candace & Shining Armor were all over Equestria Daily, but nowhere on our page.

Yeah,” I have done neither cleaning nor taxes this weekend, this three-day weekend, “

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10 Sided Dice

Celebratory note 062

The tough questions have to be asked, “Russian spy ship spotted off the coast of Groton,” and too close to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, headquarters of Hasbro Incorporated to be coincidental; … 353 more words


Another memetic poly-Alloy

Yes, Adele won Song of the Year which has been around since 2015, likewise the acceptance speeches were the same old political song, but we are not talking about that today.

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Keeping up the Habit 053

Turns out I was not in the know, some coworkers brought treats to the office.

Hurry! Your SUBWAY offer expires 2/14: two 6-inch meals for only $10!

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10 Sided Dice

See what I did there 023

The @Walmart employees were fantastic, but @PeopleofWalmart are awful; driver of a Dodge Durango was deranged — don’t drive so close to me!

— Christopher Hurt (@chris_m_hurt) …

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