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Honest Apple

When I greeted him thusly, “‘Hey’ is for horses,” said the former significant other of The Girl Next Door to me, which he followed with something about people; … 122 more words


Whirlwind weekend 042

Yes, I volunteered to work tomorrow, if I work Saturday I will be paid at time and a half.

While I wasn’t able to blog like I wanted to yesterday, I did catch up on some episodes of…

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Got to get the Bread and Milk

I’m pretty tired, but I got to get the bread and milk ahead of the storm tomorrow; I meant windshield wiper blades and socks

Perhaps the precipitation will have ceased by the time I’m supposed to go to work, but that doesn’t mean anything will be ready, “Remember, where you’re going, there are no roads,” and I have resisted going to bed thus far; I didn’t leave myself enough time to install the new wiper blades, and the windscreen was kept warm enough for it to not matter.

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Stale zaniness 067

“Oh, my god, it’s Ethan Hawke,” Reality Bites

I’m just now learning as something called #GoldenGlobes and I remain thoroughly uninterested

— Christopher Hurt (@chris_m_hurt) …

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10 Sided Dice

Ich wünschte, dass es Sonntag sein Würde

Yes, today was the first Monday I have worked for three weeks, and many colleagues had to reinstall printers and restore shortcuts to desktops since some updates were applied over the weekend. 249 more words


Do Drop Inn

Having made no other plans to get together tomorrow, the Kansas City Chiefs have a playoff game at 3:30 and a friend (and daughter of a dearly departed friend… 59 more words

10 Sided Dice