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A Friend in Deed 2: Electric Boogaloo

David and I can talk past each other easily, but I understood; following abdominal surgery last week, he was going to need help to prepare his apartment to be fumigated… 81 more words


An unexpected musical Journey, (there It Is)

“Oh, thank God! You have not finally really done it,” usually 94.9 KCMO and KC 102.1  change their formats by now and they had already been playing holiday music for ten days by this time last year.

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10 Sided Dice

I don't know where, my Homies

I don’t know where my soul is (soul is) / I don’t know where my home is /

By the time I got to work…

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A Friend in Deed

Someone was calling for my sister, but they called me and woke me up out of a solid sleep.

Ah, geez, Rick, why you got to go and wake me up at quarter after 10 in the morning after I’ve only been asleep for 5 hours and all my day off, no less?

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10 Sided Dice