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The problems with updating Shakespeare: Vinegar Girl

I recently read Anne Tyler’s Vinegar Girl, which is based on The Taming of the Shrew and part of a series of books that aim to bring Shakespeare plays into the modern age. 753 more words


5 Great Modern Day Shakespeare Movies

The enduring appeal of Shakespeare is due to the rich and universal appeal of his stories. But with pontificating professors and stuffy scenery it can often be hard to try and crack into a play. 422 more words


Top 6 Netflix Movies About Dating​​

If you’re in your late 20s and feeling a little panicked because ‘the one’ never came along, then it’s understandable if you don’t want to get into the… 1,378 more words

Laced Arts

Netflix Gems: Rom Coms

We all love Netflix. It’s a service a lot of people use, which provides an excellent product and allows us to binge on television and movies in an easy and fun way. 386 more words


10 things i hate about you

Note: if your name is Bonne DuCharme, or actually if your surname is DuCharme at all, do not read this post.  Or if you do, approach it with the same wariness that you would a giant spider.  2,890 more words


a look in somebody's eyes

I hate how can’t stop thinking about him.

Thinking of him has become such a subconscious thought. I’ll see something small, something insignificant, and I’ll think of him. 327 more words

Forget Me Not

♥ Are we really searching for something that can never be found? ♥

After reading, endless romance novels that make us feel  blissful, we begin to wonder when this will happen to us?  How many of us are searching for our very own Heathcliff? 588 more words