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Libbey 3810 10 Oz. Footed Ale Glass - 36 / CS

This 10 oz ale glass, with its small foot and slightly angular design, offers you an alternative look to your usual beer glass. This glass also comes with Libbey’s Safedge rim and foot guarantee, their promise that if either the rim or the foot on this glass ever chips, you can return it to the dealer where you bought it and have it replaced.Capacity: 10 oz Height: 6-1/2 Top Diameter: 2-5/8″ Bottom Diameter: 2-3/4″ Maximum Diameter: 2-7/8″ SCC#: 743438 Safedge Rim and Foot Guarantee Use Traex rack TR-7CCC with this Footed Ale Glass. 403084
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10 Secrets to More Productive Fishing

Larry Green was born in San Francisco, CA in 1937 and resided in the Bay Area where his love of fishing developed. He began his career as an outdoor writter, then was employed by the Fish & Game dept. 95 more words