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Quote, Unquote : Eeyore

“If you follow your own footsteps, you will only find the road to nowhere.”

More worlds, more things that make me cringe

So this time we enter 100 Acre Wood, and let me say for the record, I don’t like this world in the slightest… From the mini-games to the characters to the lack of Heartless to “hit”, it’s just not really fueling my fun gauge. 196 more words


Mrs. Pooh Bear

(for Bubba)

She can’t say

if it was love at first sight

but she will say

she fell in love with him alright.

She did insist – 87 more words


The girl who swallowed a thesaurus

There was a girl of about 6- who loved words.
She like to read as many as she could where ever she went.
One day, hungrier than ever before for her words and also for something to eat, and unable to find anything other than a large thesaurus, the girl whose name is Sana, decided to eat the thesaurus. 65 more words

Alice In Wonderland

I am sorry for breaking your heart

Under the Indian Sun my heart raced and my feet ran to the freedom of the East.
Without the cares in the world that bother the citizen of the West. 257 more words

(cool) Web-sites

And he asked me: how did man discover coffee?

In Ethiopia a man and a woman walking on the outskirts of a rain forest stumbled on a rock and calamtied to the hot dry ground beneath their feet. 241 more words