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First Cassie now this?

Come onnnnnnnn….. QUIT IT!

Lala Vasquez aka Soon to be Mrs. Melo has jumped on the Cassie trend and shaved half her head… lost half her mind if you ask me, but o well. 12 more words

100% Comedy

22 years later and I still don't understand them...

“Yeah, uh huh, ok. Ok. Yeah, ok. Uh huh. Ok, yeah, ok, uh huh” (c) Me


100% Comedy

Not Another Dance!! Roll Ya Neck??

Someone please tell me what the HECK is going on with these new dances, I mean it’s so many out there. Bird-walk, Stankyleg, Superman, the Booty Do, Ricky Bobby, and not to mention the others i don’t know, and now Roll YA Neck??  21 more words

100% Comedy

"Stop... Hammer Time!" - (c) MC Hammer...

What would you do if you were in your favorite store and this happened? Peep the old man tho, hahaha WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE AT? 7 more words

100% Comedy

It's the remix baybay...

Man if you thought the Kobe vs. LeBron puppet commercials were funny before wait until you get a load of this. I don’t even want to prolong it, just watch the clip! 21 more words

100% Comedy