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The Strange Sensation of Being in Serbia

I AM SITTING IN FRONT OF THE OIL BLACK SAVA RIVER. THE VOICES are under control because the wine has collected in my belly and instead I am aware of Serbian words coming at me from both sides, sounding like Russian and more than that I am totally awake to the strange sensation of being in Serbia. 129 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

Return to Belgrade

Dear readers

Tomorrow I travel to Belgrade. My appointment at the Hotel Moscow awaits. Feeling excited, and sightly disbelieving I’ll soon be breathing Serbian air again. I will keep you posted.

100 Day Writing Challenge

Dark and Orange

I tell you, go home. Leave now. I mean it, this is serious, not a dream, although the sleeping Japanese man might not agree. Go home and think this through, because an ear, an eye and lips that brim with sweat and salt and bottomless madness, they are all at stake. 77 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

My Own Personal Dream

fire burns itself
deepest liberation
is what I say it is
NOT that
and not this
but my own personal dream.
100 Day Writing Challenge

Follow the sun

Follow the sun
along the yellow river bank
no cares, no aim
feel the warmth
on your arms and face.

Follow the sun
beneath the shadow of a bridge… 11 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

Please Listen Carefully

If you say you’ve lost yourself, it’s because you’re still in George Town. You’re leaning against a lamp post on the corner of Buckingham and Pitt Street, looking up into the fierce morning sun at the domes of the mosque, feverishly dabbing blue, orange, gold and pink onto your sketchbook, magnificently alive, finally, with a purpose so clear and pure your whole being thunders with excitement and determination. 91 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

Unmoved Also Was the Fly

I arrived at the cafe a little after one o’clock. I first came here in ’15 or ’16, on a clear spring day when the tables outside had been busy with people chatting and drinking beer in the sunshine. 268 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge