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100 Happy Days: Week Seven

It seems the weeks go by faster once summer arrives, doesn’t it? Here’s what happened this past week:

  • Day 43 – After delivering bread to some downtown restaurants, I decided to stop by a booth at the farmer’s market that I’ve been admiring for many weeks now to buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
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Day 78 100 Happy Days!

Today was an overall Wonderful Day! We went out to Breakfast with BenBen and my Love. The say AntMan, It was REALLY good! Also scored a New Camera for our Vacation and understand one as well ^_^ eek! 16 more words


100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 7 & 8

Everyday may not be happy days, but we can find something to be happy for in each and every day.

Day 42 : July 12, 2015 : Joined a meetup gathering and went hiking – from Green Corridor to McRitchie and back. 297 more words

Day 282 - French Breakfast

Some good days start with a good breakfast. The fact that today’s breakfast was great, well, it follows that I had a wonderful Saturday.
Cote has just opened on West Nile Street and it’s perfect.

100 Happy Days

Jewellery of My Choice

100 Happy Days – Day 46

Happiness is visiting Jewellery stores 

We visited a friend’s boutique to buy nose-ring for my sister. Along with that, we bought a pair of cute studs. 98 more words

100 Happy Days

Day 76 100 Happy Days!

Today I am happy for my new hair style. Silly, fun and free! Happy to have gotten a new purse for California and excited to get packing! 8 more words


Day 281 - Swoosh

Three attempts later, I finally have you in my size. I am so grateful to be tall today. So swooshy. This dress also helped me survive my hangover from that wild hair and makeup trial today. Grim!

100 Happy Days