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Day 70: T minus 30 days!

As you know, the reason why I’m updating this blog is because of my birthday, and in a months’ time, it’s going to be my 23rd! 141 more words

100 Happy Days

Day 69: Remembering Kristy

It’s November 1 and even if we do visit Kristy’s columbarium, not just on All Saints or Souls Day, we still made our way there. 386 more words

100 Happy Days

Life goes on

Az elmúlt hetekben nem írtam és nem is gondolkodtam sokat az életről, egyszerűen csak éltem. Kétségtelenül megvannak az előnyei annak, hogy boldog az ember. Mi is történt az elmúlt másfél hónapban? 391 more words


Day 58: Moving Houses

A year or so after my late sister was diagnosed with lymphoma, we moved into my grandmother’s house, which is the current dwelling of my uncle. 260 more words

100 Happy Days

Days 50 - 57: Has this become a weekly blog?

I’m not even surprised anymore that I’m starting this blog with an apology, but I must: I’m sorryI haven’t uploaded anything for almost a week. 333 more words

100 Happy Days

Day Thirty Five: Sleepy Saturday

There is nothing like sleeping in late on a Saturday. A combo of jetlag and general exhaustion caught up with me and I slept a majority of the day. 16 more words

100 Happy Days

Day Thirty Four: FamILY reunion

After unpacking and catching up on some much needed sleep my extended family came to visit to give their congrats and hear about our travels. I came out of my room to be tackled in hugs by all the little ones from my family while one of them exclaimed “HAPPY PAKISTAN!” Haha. #findingthehappy #photobyme

100 Happy Days