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100 Happy Days 77/100, Relief


Over the past fifteen years eczema has been the bane of my existence. Waking up with blood all over the sheets from skin scratched raw in my sleep, flaky skin raining down like snow flakes when I take of any item of clothing… The piercing sting as the myriad creams, oils and crazy concoctions people guaranteed me would ‘clear that right up’ hit my skin. 271 more words


100 Happy Days 75/100, Readers

Today’s post is a quick note to say thank you to you, for reading my blog. Whether it’s your first time reading one of my posts, or a casual reader who comes and goes, or one of my regular readers, and especially those who like and comment on my posts on any platform. 18 more words


100 Happy Days 75/100, Cute 

Walked in to this the other day. They’d both been awake five minutes earlier!


100 days of happiness day 95: first dip in the sea of summer. 

What made me happy today?? The first swim in the sea of summer (well okay I didn’t swim. I dipped my legs ! But the crazy husband swam). 171 more words

100 Days Of Happiness

100 Happy Days 73/100, Sky 

The sky was weird today. Bright. Pleasant. Dry.

I’ve seen it like this in the past. How long ago I couldn’t tell you. Days, weeks, months, they all blue when the sky is gray and leaking, the ground darkened and damp, dotted with puddles, muddy grass and icy patches. 80 more words


100 Happy Days 72/100, Facebook Memories

Facebook Memories are an interesting thing. Some days a click on ‘see more memories’ can bring nostalgia with photo memories of fun times with friends or a status that makes me laugh out loud or feel proud of that days accomplishments. 115 more words


100 Happy Days 71/100, Romance

I’m quite a romantic person. I love romance novels, movies, hearing about romantic gestures and of course receiving them. Flowers, chocolates, serenading… I’m a sucker for all of that mushy stuff and I melt just at the thought of it. 205 more words