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Shouting to Oblivion: A writer's voice

Ahhhhhh voice. It’s the ultimate writers luvvie word. It’s better than subtext, or conceit or transgressive, it’s a universal code for ‘I’m in the club’ a handshake of a word, three raps on the door and cross your eyes..

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100 Happy Days

Day 7 - 100 Happy Days

I installed some battery-powered LED lights under my cabinets to illuminate my kitchen work space. This is long overdue, but it feels great to get it done. 17 more words


happy day #82

just a straight prompt today, as I feel I have wandered off course. Need to get back into the writing, I was doing so well too.

Dark Spaces..


Day 6 - 100 Happy Days

I moved to Atlanta about 10 months ago. I’ve always felt like a visitor there, but for the first time, it feels like I’m flying home. 21 more words


Day 5 - 100 Happy Days

Mimi. My niece. So glad I got to see her this weekend. I’m her favorite relative, despite seeing her only a few times a year. She’s also my favorite relative. 11 more words


Day 4 - 100 Happy Days

My next read. I’ve heard people rave about Jhumpa Lahiri and Interpreter of Maladies. Coffee and Kindle in terminal B of Hartsfield-Jackson on a Friday evening. Not too bad.


Day 3 - 100 Happy Days

The NBA Playoffs is my favorite time of the year. Awesome games on every night, and something big always happens. Happy that my Indiana Pacers made it to the playoffs this year, though it’s gonna be tough as the 7th seed haha. Ball is life, leggo Pacers.