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Sweet Finds: Perennial Fruits

Having perennial fruiting plants in your garden is like inviting people once to your party and having them send gifts annually just because they can! 155 more words


Diet Dilemma: Whole Food, Plant Based Diet Challenge

So what is healthy, responsible, environmentally, friendly eating anyways? I mean, when did being a lacto ova pesca vegetarian become not good enough? I have been struggling with this concept. 353 more words


Emergence of the Locavores

For those who unfamiliar with the term locavore, it refers to individuals who prefer to eat locally grown or produced food products. The local food movement connects individuals greater to the products they consume, and was popularized in the book… 303 more words


Community Supported Agriculture: Responsible Eating Made Easy

This year most of my veggies will be travelling only 24.4 km from a sustainable, local, organic, family farm to my dinner plate. I met the lady who grows my food at the local Farmer’s Market and signed up to be part of their vegetable box program. 491 more words


Guerrilla Gardening: Waging War With Seed Bombs And Prudent Planting

Imagine walking down your street and picking enough lettuce and tomatoes from an abandoned lot or parking strip to make a salad for dinner…for free. This is an achievable possibility. 367 more words


40 pounds for $8 - part 1 - Small Town Rambles

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea to add in a “small town rambles” section to the categories section of the blog. As we are always on the road I thought it would be fun to share so of the smaller places we find off the beaten track. 250 more words