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Farm to Food Bank

Did you know?
1 in 5 children in Canada go hungry
1 in 10 families deal with food poverty on a daily basis

Farm to Food Bank visits local farms in the Fraser Valley and collects produce that would otherwise go to waste. 150 more words


Will Superfoods Save Us?

I swear every time I turn around there is a new superfood or fad diet that kills cancer, makes you live longer, look younger, feel better, gives you more energy, helps joints, boosts immune systems, gives you thicker hair, detox your body, eliminates wrinkles and shrinks your belly fat. 138 more words


Helping Harvest; Helping Create Food Security

It is dinner time and you open the door to the fridge and think to yourself that there is nothing to eat. Maybe you just don’t want to prepare the food, or eat the leftovers, or maybe you had a hankering for eating out. 402 more words


Pickle Palooza

Today was the first annual Pickle Palooza hosted by The Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild. The event attractions included Canning Contest, Preserve Tasting, Preserve Swap, Seed Swap, Seed Cleaning Demo, Seed to Jar Demos, Fermentation Demo, Farm Tours and Hayrides, Pumpkin Picking and Tours all done at… 676 more words


Sustainable Seafood: Community Supported Agriculture Includes Fish?

Sustainable seafood. Seems easy enough, but my little cans of oysters and clams came all the way from China.

When I was a child we bought oolichans right off the pier down by the river. 224 more words


Apple Season

Well Fall has arrived. I know the warm breeze is still lingering and the sun is still calling us to the beach. But the pumpkins are out and the apples are in full glory. 367 more words

Foodie Shopping

Food Rescue Is The Spice of Life

I woke up this morning and the house smelled sweetly of peppers and warmth.

From the upstairs window the fog waited to greet me,

Then bowed and left so the sun could make a grand entrance. 230 more words