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Privilege and local eating

I mentioned on my about page that I was inspired to undertake my localvore efforts by Alisa Smith and J.B MacKinnon’s  Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet… 509 more words

New Year - feasting on 'nothing'

We have the last family meal of the festive season before my sister, her husband and dog return to London. It’s a relief to stop cooking big meals and I make a start on my new year’s resolution by roasting cherry tomatoes that are beginning to wrinkle and cocktail sausages with a due date of the 1st of January as part of the brunch. 267 more words

80 teabags, 362 days

Mum comes to visit E and me. I offer her a cup of tea and realise I’m down to my last bag of posh pyramid tea. 649 more words

Garden Fresh

The last day of the downtown Broadway Farmers Market is always bittersweet for us. You can still find a variety of treats made by Market vendor Bates Family Foods available at The Urban Gardener. 13 more words

Vintage Garden Shop

The 100-Mile Tourist

You’ve probably heard of the 100-mile diet. I’m a globavore so I don’t follow it, but I admire what they’re hoping to accomplish: healthful eating, smaller environmental footprint, and increased awareness of your local community. 791 more words


Celery and home kombucha

On Thursday I did two fun things!  I went to the farmers market, and started the second fermentation of my kombucha.  I also realized that its pronounced “kom-boo-cha”, not “kom-boo-ka”.  371 more words

Living Simply

Eating the 100-mile diet

One thing I am passionate about is eating local, which is extremely difficult in the city.  This 100-mile diet that I am quietly following (and dragging Tom partially unknowingly into), doesn’t just end at what we eat.  643 more words