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Life Beyond the Lottery

Yesterday I watched the live feed of the  Western States 100 Lottery. I have never had luck in lotteries, mostly because I don’t buy lottery tickets, but for the past 5 years I have bought a ticket, in the form of running an ultramarathon that met the requirements to qualify for a chance to enter into the big dance, Western States 100. 433 more words


Congrats 100 milers!

WOW, what a fast month, seems like just yesterday the 100 miles in November challenge just began.

Hope you all met your goals, whether it was running 100 miles, or just making sure to run 3 times a week. 336 more words

Closing In....

The last full week of the 100 miles challenge has come and gone, are you close to achieving your goal? How did you get there? Was it a challenge? 143 more words

Turkey Week

Keep moving 100 milers!!!

This week may start the busy holiday season for most. Traveling to meet with family, or hosting a gathering can take a lot of your time, and running takes a back seat. 270 more words

100 Race Miles Challenge

I didn’t start out the year with any challenges in mind other than completing the New England Double and even that came after I finished my VT marathon and needed revenge. 377 more words


Young Blood in Ultrarunning

Most 19 year olds are more concerned with finding people to buy beer for them than finding the next ultra to run. On this edition of Elevation Trail, Gary talks with Patrick Caron, a New England kid who would rather be on the trails than go to a party. 74 more words