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Episode 129 - Anna Frost, James Stewart and Fred Streatfield

Episode 129 of Talk Ultra brings you an in-depth interview with Anna Frost. We speak with the inspiring Fred Streatfield we talk with the Rocky Racoon 100 winner, … 1,306 more words

Running Shoes: Meet Kate - @themigrainedrunner

When I began posting about my random migraines, I received so many great questions about running while suffering from those horrid headaches. Thankfully, my migraines were “pop up” headaches and I haven’t had one for weeks. 733 more words


Gastrointestinal Distress (Making Poopies in the Woods)

There’s a rather sensitive issue that all long distance runners can relate to, but no one seems to talk about.  That issue is gastrointestinal distress.  In layman’s terms, that roughly translates to “frantically searching for a pit stop before your shorts turn brown.”  When I first started running this wasn’t really a problem.  1,094 more words


100 Miles and counting .. Miles: 7


I have walked 100 miles as of yesterday and have posted every day of January!  That alone is a record for me.  Not sure how the next three weeks will go with my walking, I was selected for jury duty and it starts Monday.  79 more words


100 Miles w/ Isa Muhammad

After dropping one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in recent times, Maybach Music’s newest signee(?), says he’s done making music.

Hailing from Inglewood, CA, I discovered Isa out of curiosity. 410 more words


Saved by a Lighthouse and a Dirty German

When one door closes another door opens…

Alexander Graham Bell is given the credit for this piece of wisdom, though it sounds so universal I have to believe it’s actually far older. 630 more words

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