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A Silk Pajama Shirt For The Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time To Change

Hi, it’s me again. And fortunately for you, my weakness for extremely expensive pajama shirts is still very much alive and well. This one made by Restless Sleepers is a doozy—what with the gorgeous print, notched lapels, choice buttons, and sweet piping. 27 more words


New Studio Jax skirt (SOLD)

Brand new, 100% silk lace overlay skirt:

Brand:  Studio Jax  |  Size:  8  |  Sisters price:  $24.99 – sorry, someone else was quicker!

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Guess silk shirt

Long-sleeved, black silk blouse:

Size: medium
Sisters price: $19.99

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100% Silk Men's Premium Designer Necktie Review

Hello There!

I’m going to be reviewing the 100% Silk Men’s Premium Designer Necktie that I received in exchange for an honest review.

This tie is 100% silk and is approximately 57 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. 105 more words

Product Reviews

Kate Cummings blouse

Sleeveless, ruffle-front, high-collar, 100% silk blouse:

Size: small (fits small-medium)
Sisters price: CAD $14.99
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Sleep Your Way To Less Wrinkles With This Heavenly Eye Mask

We’ve all been there: it hits 3pm on a very hump-less hump day and all you want is for it to be nighttime—or any hour that’s deemed acceptable to be in bed. 98 more words