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LILYSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

First thing you should know mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase on the market and this pillow case is made 100% out of mulberry silk. 141 more words


100+ self-hosted alternatives to popular services

Most of us use online services like Gmail, Dropbox, Skype, Evernote etc. on a daily basis without having control over the service. However, now it s easier than ever to find a self-hosted alternative to your favorite online service and have Continue reading… 6 more words

Four Door Coup

Welcome to Athens, everybody. Ah, Greece. The land of yogurt, honey, and two kinds of ruins: the historic kind and the economic kind. When many people think of Greece, they usually come up with either ancient Greece, with the Olympics and the lightning bolts and whatnot, or they think of modern Greece. 767 more words

29/08/2016 – The Hunna-She’s Casual (2016)

The Hunna, London’s indie quartet, are a band that don’t come around very often. As the myth goes this time last year they were in a band that wasn’t really going anywhere. 626 more words


100% alpaca wool shawl, 'Green Waves'

NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, searches the world to work directly with the finest artisan designers. Deep green waves wash over black sand, creating bold, swirling patterns. 236 more words

Sami and Sarah's

Party!!!! Was like the first one I’ve been to in AGES!!!! 18th as well, alco supplied :) Lots of Jack Daniels, Tooheys, some ciders, punch, everything I guess. 247 more words