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Post 101: I'll Teach You How To Stunt, BEN!

Here’s a question, kids – know how you eat a whole whale? One bite at a time, lil Benny!

Rome wasn’t built in one day, Benny-Boy! 262 more words


Watches anyone can buy and look good.

“Everyone has a Rolex. If you don’t have a Rolex by the time you reach 50, then you have clearly failed in your life” Nicholas Sarkozy, former French President. 380 more words

Simple and Classy

“Style is way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

Hello JERV nation,

I hope your style this weekend spoke for you. 122 more words

Classy Gown

100% (백퍼센트) Lyrics

*The songs crossed out are either vocal-less or I couldn’t find an audio for, so I couldn’t code lyrics*

Bad Boy
Bad Girl
Flavor… 22 more words


100% (백퍼센트) Profile



* Some songs I couldn’t find a single audio for so that is why I was unable to code lyrics for those that are crossed out* 151 more words


Q&A with Me

I found this list of goofy questions that I, for some reason, really wanted to answer. I think it has to do more with the fact that I don’t feel like writing a legit post at this moment and want to just kill time. 1,600 more words