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Build your MVP: Minimum Viable Product

1K Blog Marathon: Day 67

Keep It Super Simple. This is the logic behind the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. If you have an MVP, it means that this product is very simple and with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product developments. 573 more words

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YubiKey – a Pass Drive

1K Blog Marathon: Day 66

In our online world, almost everything is interconnected – from computers to mobile phones, to televisions and even microwave oven! And since technology is everywhere, we are using it every time. 483 more words

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What is a Unicorn Company?

1K Blog Marathon: Day 65

Unicorn, a legendary creature that looks like a white horse with a single (uni) horn on its head. This is a mythical creature that symbolizes magic. 359 more words

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Lessons from the Tech Giants

1K Blog Marathon: Day 64

Yesterday I’m thinking of the ways to make a great company, in case I step into a gold and be a billionaire in a snap. 819 more words

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Coding Basics: CRUD

1K Blog Marathon: Day 63

In Database Administration, a program connected to a database may perform different functions, mainly composed of what we are calling… 252 more words

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Coding Basics: How to host your own website using localhost (LAN)

1K Blog Marathon: Day 62

Did you know how a website works? How does it go “live”, published and ready for the world to view? If the answer is No, then maybe I can help you understand at least the basic part of it – by creating your own web host locally! 657 more words

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How Flat Design Can Make or Break Your User Experience

1K Blog Marathon: Day 61

From the analog days and pixels, even before Xerox started the use of UI, to the rise of skeuomorphism, where real-life objects are used as digital objects mimicking the original look and feel, we are now in a flat world – at least in design concept (I’m not a flat-earther). 673 more words

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