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The HARD truth

Two nights ago my kids were watching Veggie Tales, while I made dinner. They were watching one based on the Bible story of Joseph. As I listened in (because come on, who doesn’t love old school VT?), I heard this question get asked of Lil’ Joe…If God is good then how come He is allowing all this bad stuff to happen to you? 1,149 more words


Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle

Once again, like I try to do every November I am reading One Thousand gifts by Ann Voscamp. There is something about this book that gets right to the heart of me. 664 more words


Ordinary People

“There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are. They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity. 1,340 more words

My (very blessed) (really cool) week in pictures !

This week was one emotional week, packed with celebrations, friends and new happenings. This week, on Thursday, I skipped class to attend my brother’s doctoral thesis defense and, in the small room where he presented his thesis, was overwhelmed with emotion as we heard the professors award him the… 648 more words

Non Classé


November 10, 2016
(After election day, written at work)

I know its hard. It sucks. Like that feeling that you drank poison and you are slowly feeling it tear you up inside, slowly are dying. 510 more words

1000 Gifts

When You're Feeling Empty and Need to Be Filled... with Joy

You’re asleep now and my heart bubbles over with moments we shared this morning as a family:

cuddles and cartoons on the couch,

playing blocks and colouring on the floor, 201 more words

Love + Family