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10,000 Days of Together

My husband, Tommy, and I began our forever life together 10,000 days ago. We stood before God and man professing our love and vowing to do all the things young love tells you that you can. 644 more words



Guess what? I’m 10,000 days old today. I’m not sure if that sounds like too few days for ~27.25 years or too many.

Also, that means that if I’d started blogging the day I was born*, today I would… 45 more words


Inspirational Lyrics

Funny how of all things, a Slipknot song aided me in writing a serious science fiction novel like The Warrior from Monde. The bolded lines of the Slipknot lyrics below, helped me understand Fabien’s frame of mind when he first encounters, Lucian’s mother, Rima. 830 more words

The Warrior From Monde

Shine a little light with Tool

This week, I’m digging into the vaults and hauling out an album that I haven’t listened to, much less written about, in quite some time. 1,188 more words

New Müsic Friday