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100 Days InFocus - Day 37

Flowers on her feet,
she carries the soil with her,
never uprooted.

Sunlight on her face,
humble freckles saying grace,
for the daily bread.

Lilacs in her wake, 8 more words

Day 56: Show me

My boys have spent most of the summer mostly naked on the beach. Even yesterday, although it’s definitely autumn, they couldn’t help stripping off and running in and out of a chilly stream for an hour.


100 Days InFocus - Day 36

Verdant, toe-tickling madness.
The earth has lost it’s mind, and I
the only level-head left on the ground,
have unlaced my sandals.

Dew falls on the dandelion garden, greening… 52 more words

Day 54: Okarito

I love Okarito. It’s a tiny little town we visited in the spring, and is the prettiest, most loved wee place we’ve been to. We blogged about it over here.


100 Days InFocus - Day 35

In this wide, wild world there is little to do
but open your mouth and taste. Catch sweetness
like raindrops and bitterness like hail
and know every piece of it intimately. 62 more words

Day 53: Autonomy

The last three weeks have been intense. We’ve been on a whirlwind North Island tour with visiting family, hung out for three days at an amazing music festival, swum in in thermal creek, braved the wildest winds yet, waved goodbye, and realised we’re almost fully booked with jobs until June. 42 more words