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Push ups

One of the skills I hoped to develop this year is to learn how to do push ups.

I totally sucked at push ups last year despite exercising 110 hours. 162 more words


100 Days

“What are we going to do now?” Alex asked while laying right next to my (home) office chair. Lucas rolled around the floor like a fish out of water. 1,013 more words


Day 95: Swimsuits

Feeling inspired by the flip in seasons, I thought I’d have a go at a repeat pattern. Very simple – not terribly well planned or executed, it was still fun. 16 more words


Day 94: Brian Shirai

I’m not sure how accurate this portrait is, but I really enjoyed chatting with Brian, so thought I’d give it a go drawing a picture of him once I got home from Hamburg.


Day 93: Monk

The conference was set in an historic church in Hamburg, MC’d by a guy dressed as a monk… drinking a beer, operating a Mac.


Day 92: Our lady of code

One of the handful of women at So Coded the other day sported the most amazing binary code tattoo. So awesome was it, in fact, that two of my fellow geeky speakers proceeded to spend about 5 hours trying to decode it. 7 more words


Day 91: Tripping

When you’ve flown right around the world in under a week and a half, day and night, wake and sleep, standing and falling all sort of blend into one.