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day forty nine

481. for a patient boyfriend

482. for days when my hair curls oh so perfectly

483. for friends that help when they see a need–not just when asked… 86 more words


day forty eight

471. for all my PTO from work–taking days off to simply adventure around georgia was a great decision

472. for bugles–best road trip snack

473. for people who thinks it’s fun to copy me–i get it, it’s flattery…blah blah you’re still annoying.   116 more words


day forty seven

461. for wine & whine nights with the girls

462. for the met digitizing its collection–PRAISE

463. for people who just know how to speak plainly… 149 more words


Day Three....BULLSHIT!

Let’s call bullshit out.

I mean it let us all forget the absurdities of modern society and call absolute bullshit on the world. I am fed up of hearing , and this blog is also kinda one of those things, how wonderful life is if we just let go and let (insert a belief system here!) 389 more words

day forty six

451. for that one time i learned how to surf–and even managed to stand up once or twice

452. for my annual pay raise and bonus–it may not be as much as i was hoping for but, hey, it’s something… 94 more words


day forty five

441. for daily adventures with my sweet man–slightly planned.  slightly spontaneous.  a whole lot of fun.

442. for tasty cakes

443. for not dying when my tire blew on the highway yesterday… 130 more words


day forty four

431. for that one time my bff’s parents flew me to california for a summer trip–still can’t believe their graciousness

432. for snip & paint tools on my computer–helping me to pawn off invitations as my own creation for way cheaper… 165 more words