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Day 44 – Darktown Cove

Day 44. Well how about that. Practically half way and I haven’t missed a day yet. Have spent the past few days being inspired by my daughter and her friend’s henna painting on their hands. 132 more words


Day 45: Finnish The Grant Application

No, that’s not a typo.  I didn’t mean “finish.”  I meant “Finnish.”  As in, coming from Finland.  Why?  Because today’s application was for a grant to do some creative work in Finland. 147 more words

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Day 44: Shoot for the Stars

Today’s cliche title is meant ironically.  I’m feeling cynical and tired.  It’s not that any one thing has gone wrong; it’s just that some days it really sucks to be jobless. 178 more words

Day 43: Competitive Salary

So last night I did the Skype interview to teach English in China.  The interview was fun, relaxed, informative – very positive experience.  Later on that same night they sent me a job offer with what they called a “competitive salary”. 106 more words

Day 25: Boring day, lovin' it.

When was the last time I could sit on the sofa and do nothing for a full half an hour? When was the last time I could eat a full meal without standing up to get something while someone stands at the door causing the dogs to bark their heads off? 347 more words

Day 42: Where are you?

I was supposed to have a Skype interview with an American company that hires people to teach English in Shanghai, like, right now.  Instead, I’m staring at an unresponsive Skype screen waiting for them to call. 138 more words