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Day 71: Kea

An inquisitive bird, the Kea is known for stealing and dismantling anything it can get it’s cheeky beak on, including the rubber from around windscreens and the lining from running shoes. 14 more words


10 Commandments for a Happy life!

Today I will share the 10 commandments I follow to live my life happily,  hoping to avoid the regrets one might have at 60. I know our average age has reduced compared to previous generations but I blame global warming for it. 211 more words


#100days: Day 1 - 15th of May 2015 - The Day that was

Task 1: The Day that was – Today’s and past 10 days important news


Insights articles, Parivarthan, Left over Hindu (if need be – Editorial, Sunday supplements, Harsh Mandar, Cultural art form, Snt, book review, etc.), Indian express (Editorial & Economics) & Insights answer writing… 5,610 more words


Repeat a design operation for #100days

My new job is at a design-led firm called Clearleft, and it pleases me immensely to be in an environment where I’m surrounded by design and creative thinking. 234 more words


Day 70: Bigger

Life whizzes by, and babies who needed sleep every couple of hours but never would turn into boys who only need a Mittagsschlaf (thankyouthankyouthankyou), and then into bigger boys who don’t nap at all, but can be found, every now and then, zonked out on the couch when you thought they were just reading.


Countdown starts today - a day before #100days

The whole year passed in planning and so would the next 100 days.

Things may be good for some and not so good for others while disastrous for others. 830 more words


Day 69: Yay!

Around Christmas time I said to Thomas that if my work could be drawing I’d be happy. Since then the balance of client work on my plate has gradually tipped to about 50/50 handdrawn/digital. 98 more words