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100 days of mini creations!

Today I have decided to challenge myself and set up a #100daysproject on Instagram. I had seen it before through other people’s social media pages especially that of… 269 more words

Day 100: Did I Learn Anything?

It is reductive to sum up a complex experience with a tidy list of ten lessons learned.  Whatever.  I’m doing it anyway.  Here’s what I learned about looking for a job, or, at least, what I… 981 more words

13/50: MonashOweek

We spent the whole day playing beer pong, plus music, minus the alcohol….Still great fun!

And I didn’t get to workout today because I woke up late. 160 more words

#100Days Photo 44: Chillin' & Cruisin' at Lake Pandin, San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines

We’ve always talked about going to Lake Pandin but it was only two Saturdays ago that we finally did. And it was a good decision to head out of Manila and venture to San Pablo in Laguna for a much-needed nature trippin away from the concrete jungle. 162 more words

Activities And Itineraries

Coffee Press, 6/30

Attempting a 100 day project. Going to try to paint something everyday, for 100 days. Wish me luck!



Day 48: Flight Reservations

Today I bought a plane ticket to Connecticut.  Yes, I’ve made it through the first two rounds of interviews and on to the third!  Time to travel! 182 more words

Day 47: Mind Your Manners

Today’s task was writing a thank you note to the people from Connecticut who interviewed me yesterday.  Some of you may remember that on DAY 26… 246 more words