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Our 100th post: So, where are we?

We launched this modest enterprise on October 28 with a post titled “So, where were we?” : “After three years in the now-defunct Providence Phoenix… 534 more words

Beer Fun

The Bottles & Cans 100th post Big Giveaway!

On Wednesday we promised a Big Giveaway on Friday to celebrate our 100th post , and here we are. We’ve spent waaaay too much time musing on how to give away the Big Giveaway : a local beer quiz ; a follow-us-on-Twitter-and/or-sign-up-for-e-mail-alerts random drawing ; a scavenger hunt in massive snowbanks throughout the state … 556 more words

Beer Fun

Fabric printing & 100th post!

I have been attending a textile workshop (course) since last month. The options in the course are quite broad & flexible. It is more like a place where you can go & try whatever interests you (fabric related, knit/crochet techniques, jewellery-making,etc). 180 more words


Happy Birthday,Love

‘Happy Birthday.’she said.
He was quiet.
No reply glowed
on her cellphone screen. 214 more words


Ramstovian Roadblocks

Tilly led the way into the city. I followed, hoping she knew where she was going. Things were going well at first. We managed to avoid being seen for several blocks, but it was only a matter of a time until someone saw us. 896 more words

The Story

100th Post

After my semi-successful week last week, this week couldn’t have been more of a disaster. Well it could, but that’s besides the point. The point is I actually worked fairly hard on implementing Pixel Perfect Object collision in the game we’re making for my group project. 668 more words

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100th Post! - I'm Still Alive!

Hey everyone,

Wow…It’s really been awhile since I last touched this website.  I’ve been really busy and a lot has happened in my life since I last posted here. 160 more words

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