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100th Post

100th Post!

Imagine that!


I’d like to thank you all,

All of you, yes

Even those who don’t read at all.

The ones who don’t read regularly. 141 more words

100th Post & A New Look

I like crisp and clean so as a “Happy 100th Post” present I gave myself permission to mix it up a little.

Hopefully you find my new look as aesthetically pleasing as I do. 16 more words

Our 100th Post!

This is a bit of a milestone because what you are reading is the 100th post on the Stuart Dental Spa blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff who works tirelessly providing the best care for all of our patients. 62 more words

The View

You know those days when you wake up and just really feel alive? Well I’ve had quite a few of those this past week and I think the views from our new apartment have a lot to do with it. 178 more words


I Hit 100!

I reached 100 followers yesterday! Thanks to To Be Stubbornly Courageous!!!!! Can I get a what what!!!! :D Thank you all so much!!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my tales of previously preteen and now teen woes, my job hunts, my random vents, my pity parties, my sad and nostalgic stories, my cat worship, my rambling, my life. 42 more words


Colour Sip ~ 12/06/2015

Day #12 of the 30-Day Colour Challenge!

WordPress tells me that this post is our 100th on the blog! Woohoo! I couldn’t not celebrate! That explains today’s challenge. 36 more words

Colour Combo Challenges

The 100th Post on Heels.

ONE HUNDRED POSTS. That’s a pretty big deal right?

I’m not entirely sure what I’m meant to do for it though… I had a little look around at other blogs to see what they did for their hundredth post, and to be honest it can get a bit cringe sometimes. 536 more words