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Path of Exile: First Impressions

I’m finding it nigh impossible to blog about Path of Exile.

Every time, I start the game going “Ok, today is the day I will take some screenshots and, during gameplay, try to formulate some coherent thoughts with which to begin a blog post…” 3,168 more words


Neverwinter: First Impressions

First Impressions

If Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online had a baby, that baby would be Neverwinter…

And when I say “baby,” I mean exactly that. 3,293 more words

First Impressions

Picture of the Day

No, Steam, that was the length of the install time.

I haven’t actually played it yet.

P.S. As you may be able to tell, I’m going on an MMO / side game hopping vacation week! 311 more words

Guild Wars 2

10/10 Project: Runes of Magic

Let’s recap:

The 10/10 project was a dream, given form. Its goal: to broaden one’s horizons, by dedicating the short space of one evening to sample a new MMO. 3,680 more words


Project 10/10: Where did day 8 go?

Do you remember that not that long ago, I announced that I was joining Syp in his 10/10 Project? If you have, you probably saw the first… 377 more words

Other Games

short interviews with friends #4: victoria hannan

Victoria Hannan is a London-based Australian writer and photographer. I was lucky enough to work with her for a while, and I’m always deeply jealous of the amazing photo essays she creates. 766 more words

10/10 Project: Anarchy Online

I’m about two inches away from the point where any game I can download and start without installation problems will receive full marks from me. 1,552 more words