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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Fraternity's Dance Routine

1010 WINS — You won’t believe this frat’s incredible dance routine!

The fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma at the University of Central Oklahoma shocked the crowd when they took the floor. 104 more words


Paddleboarding Chicken Loves Spending Time On the Water with Her Family

1010 WINS-Why did the chicken cross the road? To get on her paddleboard, of course!

This chick(en) named “Loretta” has a pretty cool boarding buddy. 109 more words


Teen Dies Of Cancer Months After Being Sworn In As Detective For A Day

1010 WINS — He may have only been a detective for one day, but a teenager has touched the hearts of the Suffolk County Police Department forever. 258 more words


This Father’s Hilariously Kind Gesture Made His Breastfeeding Girlfriend Feel More Comfortable

1010 WINS-Any mom will tell you that breastfeeding is a commitment that affects all aspects of life, even running errands. So when Chris Lopez, a mom of two from California began leaking through her shirt while out shopping with her kids, her boyfriend did something hilariously unexpected to make her feel more comfortable. 221 more words


Beloved Penguin Dies Beside Cardboard Cutout He Loved

1010 WINS-An elderly penguin living thousands of miles across the sea in Japan has passed — and the Internet is in mourning.

Grape-kun, a 21-year-old Humboldt penguin who had been residing at Japan’s Tobu Zoo has sadly passed away on October 12th beside the cardboard cut out of “Hululu” from the animated series… 170 more words


LEGO Shoots For the Stars with 'Pioneering Women' Themed NASA Sets

1010 WINS-The newest LEGO sets are out of this world!

The toy company just announced they will be releasing new toy sets that feature famous females at NASA to honor the women in the 2016 film… 220 more words


CIA Fires Bomb Sniffing Dog for Being 'Uninterested' in Bomb Detection

1010 WINS-All dogs go to heaven, but there are far stricter guidelines for getting into the Central Intelligence Agency.

Lulu, an 18-month-old black labrador who was a part of the… 311 more words