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Fate Unknown by Galen G. Mitchell

Fate Unknown: Reflections of a Combat Tour (Labuela, 420 pp., $19.95, paper: $5.99, Kindle) pays tribute to the men of A Company of the 1/327th in the 101st Airborne Division during their deployment to Vietnam in 1965-66. 487 more words


The Time America Forgot

The Time America Forgot

by: john harrison

Finally my war was over. That plane was so quiet on takeoff, but when those wheels came up, pandemonium reigned. 2,441 more words


D - Day Thoughts

Our visit to the museum at The Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden a couple of years ago transported me to the year 1944-1945 when the world was at war and the powers of good and evil hung precariously in the balance. 318 more words

The Mighty Endeavor


Seventy-two years ago, night before last a Royal Air Force Group Captain delivered a weather briefing to an obscure American general. The general had an operation planned and the weather was very iffy. 2,119 more words


Scenes I Love: Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a 10-episode series from HBO that should be shown to every school kid across the nation.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that the youth of today have become lazy, too dependent on their electronics and don’t appreciate what the generations before have accomplished (though they’re more than willing to point out how past generations have ruined their future). 225 more words