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Private Parts

WFTB Score: 10/20

The plot: The life and times of ‘shock jock’ Howard Stern, chronicling his rise from college radio to fame and infamy as New York’s number 1 DJ; and his turbulent relationship with Alison, his college sweetheart, who frequently finds her private life featured in, or at odds with, her husband’s very public outrages. 816 more words

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Morons from Outer Space

WFTB Score: 10/20

The plot: Due to unwise meddling from beery slob Desmond, he and his fellow aliens – wife Sandra and ineffectual colleague Julian – crash-land on Earth, where they are subjected to tests and hostility before becoming global celebrities. 987 more words

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Leiwand am Radl, gegen Oasch am Radlweg

Auf dem zweirädrigen Schlitten, der in hippen Zeiten wie diesen gerne mal die 1000€ (die ich nicht hab) kosten darf, durch das kreisrunde Wien zu fahren ist ganz schön in Mode. 623 more words


Men In Black

WFTB Score: 10/20

The plot: When a vacancy arises in a top-secret government agency, NYPD cop James Edwards is sceptical; but the hard evidence provided by Agent ‘K’ puts his head in a spin. 859 more words

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My Addiction to Rubbish Campus Bars is Ruining my Life

Hi. My name is Henrietta and I am addicted to rubbish campus bars. I started to come to terms with my addiction earlier this year when my phone autocorrected “Mel’s” to all caps, due to the number of text messages I had sent harassing my friends into joining me at the establishment in the early hours of the weekend morns. 473 more words


1020 Paper 1

Decide whether you agree with Wood’s analysis of Obama’s speech. Write an essay that either supports or refutes his interpretation using textual evidence from both Wood’s essay and Obama’s speech to support your argument. 37 more words

Frosty says...

Today is Christmas. “It came without ribbons, It came without tags, It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Christmas can’t be bought from a store… Maybe Christmas means a little bit more.” – … 11 more words