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"Card Deck Publishing Profits" + $107 Prize Contest

“Card Deck Publishing Profits” + $107 Prize Contest

"IM VIP Training" + $107 Prize Contest

“IM VIP Training” + $107 Prize Contest

Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port, 1985

Rich intense cherry and plums, all soaked in alcohol. The palate is a bit spicy and then alcohol comes to the fore. A nice long finish of tobacco and mint, a tad dry at the finish. 84pts (Jan 2007)

Niepoort Late Bottled Vintage, 1995

Rich, spicy with cherry jam and green leaf tea thrown in. A little antiseptic cream aroma to it too. The palate has coffee, chocolate and jam up front and then alcohol kicks in. Did not score. (Jan 2007)

"Adsviser 2.0" + $107 Prize Contest

“Adsviser 2.0” + $107 Prize Contest

"X-Ranker 360" + $107 Prize Contest

“X-Ranker 360” + $107 Prize Contest