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Introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB is a powerful, flexible, and scalable general-purpose database. It is an agile database that allows schemas to change quickly as applications evolve. It is a NoSQL database. 1,013 more words


Building out an SSL Sharded (and HIPAA compliant) MongoDB Replica Set on an Amazon VPC

MongoDB! It’s what the cool kids use. It’s also much more difficult to build out at production scale than it is to set up on a laptop… especially when all of the data traveling to and within the cluster needs to be completely SSL encrypted in order to maintain HIPAA compliance (or simply to satisfy a picky client). 1,376 more words


MongoDB Authentication Process: Locking Up The Database


This is my second MongoDB post of many planned, so I’ve decided to start the Mini Mongo Series, catchy right?

The first problem I faced when setting up my own MongoDB instance on AWS was figuring out how to do simple authentication. 450 more words


MongoDB Reportedly Just Snagged a $1.2B Valuation, Putting the Company on Top of the NYC Pile

Throw that money in the air: MongoDB (a.k.a. 10gen, which recently renamed itself after its core product) has just raised a $150 million round of funding from investors including EMC Corp., Salesforce, T. 206 more words


Installing Mongodb with Chef on Centos6.4

I started working on installing MongoDB with Chef-solo…here are the steps, errors and fixes I came up with.

Here is the Cookbook i used: git@github.com:edelight/chef-mongodb.git… 1,150 more words


10gen CEO: NoSQL has come far, but still needs better security, management

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While NoSQL has made great strides, it will need improvements in multiple areas in order to gain wider acceptance, Max Schireson, the CEO of MongoDB NoSQL database vendor 10gen, said. 346 more words