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17 Jan - Am I The Only Person With...

Vampire Kettlebells in my wardrobe?

Today is a running rest day and I was meeting a fellow C25Ker Razouski for a well-earned coffee and Portugese Custard Tart. 343 more words


Great Edinburgh Winter 5k Run

In Which I Wasn’t Expecting To Go So Far Up

Saturday morning. Odd day for a race, a Saturday. I think every other race I’ve taken part in has been on a Sunday. 478 more words

16 Jan - Running Within Two Tribes

Although I am a fan of Frankie Goes To Hollywood – my era, my City of birth, the title relates to me running through two entirely different parts of London today. 828 more words


Bizad Charity Run 2018

Just like Smashy and Nicey, I try to do a lot of good work for Charity mate.

This race usually feels like charity work in more ways than one – it does give money to a good cause, but it’s also an opportunity for runners to ‘give back’ the benefit of their combined wisdom to which ever group of poor fuckers was too slow to avoid volunteering to be part of the Kerayzeeeeeeee fun that they have at BIZAD organising this annual fun day. 979 more words

Weeks 21 and 22 recap - plus BondiBand sale

I’ve kicked off the first 2 weeks of 2018 with 6 miles so far plus strength work. Not a great showing, I know, but the weather has been brutal and the treadmill/dreadmill messes with my head. 245 more words


The role of Iron, Ferritin and how to become as fast as a Kenyan distance runner

OK this advice isn’t exactly going to make you as a fast as a Kenyan, however it might make you quicker than your training partner or run a new PB. 581 more words


East Lancashire Hospice 10k - Race Review

I’ve set myself various running goals for 2018, some are time related, some are little personal milestones and another is to run more local events. I spotted an advert on social media for this race in aid of a local charity a couple of weeks ago and it ticked plenty of boxes for me so I decided to make it my first race of the year, in fact it was my first non-virtual race since completing the Yorkshire marathon last October. 619 more words