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Holiday Road.

We’re headed into the holiday weekend in the U.S., a weekend during which Americans will all get drunk and try to forget about the fact that President Clark Griswold is about to drive the country completely off a desert road, only to turn around and brag to Rusty about how far off track he’s gotten us. 809 more words

Manic Markets Reverse Jobs Knee-Jerk, But 'There's No Chance Of December Hike'

Talk about laughable.

The knee-jerk move lower in the dollar and yields reversed course in what, for humans anyway, was the blink of an eye. 362 more words

'I'm Not Sure I've Talked To Anyone That Hasn't Thrown In The Towel'

Former trader and current man who still holds out some hope that one day you’ll realize you’re looking at things all wrong, Richard Breslow, has delivered his last missive of the week, although if the last line is to be believed, he’s going to be keeping an eye on things right up through the close on Wall Street. 665 more words

Dollar, Yields Fall As Jobs Report Misses

And the numbers are in.

i love financial networks with this headline: JOBS REPORT IMMINENT

like it's a fucking incoming meteor

— Walter White (@heisenbergrpt) …

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Riders On The Storm.

Right, so the storm wasn’t supposed to come until next month.

September is when we’ll all watch helplessly as lawmakers and central bankers determine the fate of the assets we own. 610 more words

As Far As President Ashley Schaeffer And Yields, Goldman Figures It Can't 'Feasibly' Get Any Worse

There have been a lot of attempts recently to try and discern how much of the blame for falling yields and the flagging dollar can be placed at the feet of WrestleMania contestant and man who they let do it only because he’s a star, Donald Trump. 753 more words