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Warning: "Cliches May Be Boring," But Nature Does "Abhor A Vacuum"

For all the celebratory market moves on Monday morning, there’s been no shortage of commentary from folks who seem hell-bent on ruining the fun.

Which is just fine with us, because we’ve got a kind of morbid fascination with watching people get frustrated when they’re not allowed to celebrate in peace. 387 more words


Hellz Yeah! European Stocks Explode, US Set To Rally As Market Celebrates Macron

The final tally was Macron 23.75%, Le Pen 21.53% and to say markets are relieved would be an understatement.

One peculiar thing is that it seems completely lost on everyone that Marine Le Pen did indeed make the second round. 650 more words


Risk-On! S&P Futs Jump, Treasurys Dumped With Yen As Markets Cheer Macron

As tipped by the knee-jerk reaction in EURUSD and EURJPY, the “market-friendly” outcome from the first round of the French elections looks to have set the stage for a decidedly risk-on- 45 more words


Citi Thinks You're "Kind Of Sketchy," Asks "Are You Looking To Be Misled?!"

With standard valuation metrics betraying a market that’s stretched to the breaking point, it’s incumbent upon analysts to find new ways to explain how equities can continue to rise from here. 846 more words


Yields, Dollar Jump On "Massive," "Bigly," "Phenomenal," Tax Cut Promise

“Bigly,” “tremendous,” “terrific people,” “phenomenal tax cuts,” “very powerful armada,” “big league,” and other bullshit platitudes.

That’s what this administration lives on, and by extension, so does this market. 220 more words



Right, so put on your hedges folks, we’re heading into a risky weekend.

As you’re acutely aware (and acutely tired of hearing about) the first round of the hotly contested French elections is Sunday and as… 610 more words


"OPEC Has A Deal!" Buy Euros! Wait, There's A French Election? Welcome To Thursday.

Let’s start with oil real quick, because there are some notable headlines on Thursday morning.

Recall that things took a decisive turn for the worst on Wednesday after EIA data confirmed Tuesday’s bearish API print(s). 956 more words