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Trader: The "Goldilocks Environment For Equities Is Here For A Long While Yet"

More than a few commentators have pointed to the recent flattening of the curve as evidence that the reflation narrative has broken down completely.

And to be sure, the reflation meme is what’s driven the post-election “Trump trades” 291 more words

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Chart Check: "Nothing To See Here"

Alright, alright. 

Nothing to see here, nothing to see here. 

Please disperse.

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"Sharks In The Sea Of Tranquility" - Looking Ahead

So what did we learn last week?

Well, we learned that despite what amounts to an institutionalized policy of suppressing vol, there’s only so much markets can take when it comes to political turmoil. 537 more words


Chart Of The Day: "Premature Abdication"

Leading indicator?

Lagging indicator?



You decide…

Via Nordea’s Martin Enlund


"Strike A Match. Nothing. Two Times. Nothing." But Eventually...

For some folks, Wednesday’s risk rout came as a surprise.

See for a whole lot of investors, it’s not readily apparent that benchmarks can go down as well as up. 1,360 more words


"President's Day": Iran Is Voting, Brazil Is Panicking, Trump Is Traveling

It feels quiet in America on Friday morning.

Maybe that’s because Donald Trump is leaving the country for eight days. Which means that for more than a week, we can all pretend like this nightmare isn’t real. 448 more words


Assuming You Think America Is Still A Democracy, Here's How To Think About Markets & Trump

So there are two ways to look at the turmoil unfolding inside the Beltway if you’re an investor. Neither of which bodes particularly well.

Either you.. 343 more words