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You should go and love your ... What?

Heard in the car today. Justin Bieber on the radio. Bleh.

Jack: If you like the way you look that much oh baby you should go and love your nuts. 9 more words

Week One

The past week has been interesting and not only has Erin learned allot but so have Matt and I. I work full time and Matt is the stay at home parent, so the first few home education days fell under his domain. 434 more words

Home Ed

4 funny non-sequiturs

These are just a couple of unrelated things I heard this week. The first one is from Taekwondo class.

Master: Oh you’re doing great today sir! 157 more words

OMG, I made a person!

Jack and I were going to bed. I was tucking him in and kind of lingering, waiting for him to fall asleep. This is the time of day when all of his worries come flooding out. 405 more words

11-year-old lands million dollars deal with food company, Whole Foods

Meet Mikaila Ulmer. She’s 11 year-old entrepreneur that just landed a million dollar deal with food company, Whole Foods for her natural lemonade. 156 more words


Photo: Man arrested for having sex with his 12 year old daughter, aborts her 4 month old pregnancy

The Bayelsa state police command have arrested one Bamekpa, a native of Imiringi, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State for allegedly raping his 12 year old daughter, Queen, getting her pregnant and then taking her to a quack doctor to terminate her 4 months old pregnancy. 698 more words

A Mom by Any Other Name...

Jack: (from the other room) Merpo! Mongolo!!! Mush Mush!!!

me: What are you yelling?

Jack: Hey hang low! Meemo!! Meaty T!

me: Do you need something? 56 more words