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I am thinking about the parents of the 11-year-old that went missing after the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan, Stockholm, Sweden. The girl later on turned up as one of the dead victims. 329 more words


11 year old boy kills himself after his girlfriend faked suicide as a prank

A grieving mum has reportedly claimed that her son, 11, killed himself after his girlfriend, 13, faked her own death in a social media prank that went badly wrong. 191 more words

Grade 5 - Dotty artwork

This is a very nice, simple project which the learners loved! It was also nice because the learners got to work in pairs if they wanted. 207 more words

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I Wouldn't Want This Girl Cutting Through My Back Yard Either

WEST HARWICH, Mass. (AP) — Police in Massachusetts served a sixth-grader with no-trespass orders after neighbors grew wary of the girl cutting through their properties to get to and from her school bus stop. 650 more words


Grade 5 - Tinfoil people

This project was very fun! The idea came from this site. The learners started with a rectangular piece of tinfoil. I showed them how they could cut the one side once in the middle and the other side twice so that the tinfoil was in thirds. 133 more words

Camps Bay Primary Art Other

11-Year-Old Boy Charged For Terrorist Threats

In Newton County, an 11-year-old boy made threats to his school at Oak Hill Elementary. He then showed a gun and posted a video of it on social media. 76 more words