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#AniMay [11:11] - The Subseries

Welcome to the first bonus episode of especially for #AniMay! After seeing a few posts on Twitter, I decided I really wanted to make my own anime list and thought fitting it into would be a cool idea. 1,382 more words


The rightness in Thailand

The country of Sympathise or Selfishness?

by Yotsawadee Saengsermyart

“It is OK or ไม่เป็นไร,” the frequently heard and said a word in Thailand that has been using in communication, it explicit the mental of Thai people to leave a big hole of always put yourself in someone’s shoes. 1,262 more words

11 JRPGs I Wish I Had Time To Play [11:11]

Being relatively new to the world of JRPGs, I haven’t had the opportunity to sink my thumbs into many during my time. I would love to experience (and actually finish) many JRPGs, but that got me thinking — “Where on Earth am I going to find the time to play any of these games?” 1,503 more words


If You Are Having A Bad Day, You Need To Hear This!❤

Life. It’s just a word but once you’ve heard it, thousands of things run through your mind right now. You might be in a helpless situation right now, probably in so much of pain, feeling suffocated, feeling overwhelmed by everything, and you’re just crumbling and falling apart at this very moment. 540 more words


We are souls and packets of information, let's meditate to get access of the universal information.

We are souls, a network of chemical information, having memories collected from previous births. When we are born, we could only remember memory which a human brain can handle. 361 more words


I often see the time 11:11 on clocks

Some think it’s a angelic sign

Some say it’s promising sucess

But really, it’s not either of those… 14 more words


Ce qu'on a eu : Première moitié d'Avril.

On a eu beaucoup de hauts et de bas durant les 15 premiers jours d’Avril. Pas mal d’artistes ont ressurgi de la pénombre et d’autres qu’on découvre pour la première fois, mais presque tous annoncent de gros projets prochainement ! 787 more words