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Q102 Presents Hot Summer Night 2019

Q102 Presents Hot Summer Night 2019

Blackstreet, Ginuwine, SWV, Guy

Dru Hill, 112, 702

Sep 01, 2019 Sun 4:00 PM PDT


Concord Pavilion in Concord, California

All Ages

Astalavista Bauhaus

Finally, we did our Bauhaus models

Our theme is expansion according to visual and physical expansion. Visual expansion is differentiated by the help of height and physical expansion is differentiated by the help of slopes. 35 more words


Achievement Unlocked: Perspective Drawing

This time we learned Perspective Drawing other name is “Oh Gosh ! it is harder than Axo, I miss the Axo”

In perspective drawing the most important parts are angle and points of perspective. 34 more words


Bauhaus and Me. We met with Rhino

We learned a new drawing program which name is Rhino. My work is detailing the Technical School of Bauhaus. Rhino is harder than other programs actually it is not harder than of all but it is more complex and more confusing because their commands and controls are different.


The Exploded Axonometric Section of Bauhaus

After the plan and elevation on Autocad, we started to work on the exploded axonometric section of Bauhaus. In this drawing exploded parts are facades because for showing structural elements in the building.


My first Undergraduate Portfolio

This is my first undergraduate portfolio which includes a cover page, content page, and some kind of pages which are written on my contents page. Actually, I felt my self a little bit rookie because this is my first portfolio try and in my opinion, I cannot manage with it :D but I am going to develop it in my next steps.


AutoCAD Plan of Bauhaus

We are working on the plan drawing of Bauhaus on AutoCAD. The scale is 1/100 in the plan drawing, on the other hand, we are drawing partial axonometric section too which scale is 1/50.