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The Philippines celebrates its 117th Independence Day

Ardyey Multimedia joins the Filipino Nation in celebrating the 117th Philippine Independence Day!


Konjiki no Wordmaster: Web Chapter 117 – Request of the Demon Lord

Down the Rabbit-Hole

LoliQ (@_@): *Kuuuu… I must stand up.. For the sake of giving updates on the translations…

Bell: Do your best Papa! Bell believes in you… 2,840 more words


I See Halo #3

I got off work a little early yesterday so I decided to go for a long run instead of the 5k I normally do. I just noticed the amount of calories I burned. 40 more words


Word of the day #117


T – wee

Lovely, nice.

Example: The Quiet Man was all a bit too twee.


I See Halo

So many times during my day I see things that make me think of Halo. I am going to start sharing them on here.

This photo is of a blade on a very large piece of equipment used for moving wood chips. 72 more words


The World's Oldest Person Has Died in Japan

The world’s oldest person, who celebrated her 117th birthday less than a month ago, died early Wednesday in Osaka, Japan.

Staff at Misao Okawa’s nursing home said she died of heart failure, the Associated Press reported. 105 more words