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DB Starts with SQLPlus not SRVCTL

Reason why DB was able to be started using SQL*Plus and not srvctl because DB was configured incorrectly with srvctl.

$ srvctl start database -d DB01
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OBIEE 11g Log file names and path

Log files:
OBIEE server log (RPD related, OPMN services start/stop related log):

OBIEE Query Log (OBIEE report’s query related logs):

OBIEE Scheduler Log… 48 more words


No Guarantees with opatch -report or CheckConflict

I have performed the following checks.

# $GRID_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto /media/swrepo/JUL2017PSU/26030799 -report -ocmrf /tmp/ocm.rsp
$ $GRID_HOME/OPatch/opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir /media/swrepo/JUL2017PSU/26030799

Actual patching failed.

# $GRID_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto /media/swrepo/JUL2017PSU/26030799 -ocmrf /tmp/ocm.rsp
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Database Oracle 11g untuk Latihan Query SQL

Latar Belakang

Saat ini saya sedang kursus database Oracle di Kampus, setiap hari sabtu selama 18 pertemuan. Jadi saya coba menginstall dan mempraktekan materi-materinya. Sebelumnya saya pernah menulis beberapa… 529 more words


Installing DB Vault to an Oracle 12c non-Container Database

Database Vault is a product by which you can restrict access even for SYS, DBA users and so on , so this tool is for Security Administrators to control even DBAs. 986 more words


ORACLE-BASE: Network ACL ddl generator script

After enabling Database Vault in our database there was a chance that this option may have changed ACL entries , so decided to save old entries and generated as a script. 757 more words


Failed to invoke startup class "JRF Startup Class" in OSB or SOA.

Hi guys!!!

After installation of soa-infra or osb, in the first time the the managed server starts, the error occurs:

####     < ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblo gic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <> <> <> <1478002511204>  
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentManager.invokeClass(ClassDeploymentManager.java:274)
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentManager.access$000(ClassDeploymentManager.java:54)
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentManager$1.run(ClassDeploymentManager.java:226)
at weblogic.security.acl.internal.AuthenticatedSubject.doAs(AuthenticatedSubject.java:321)
at weblogic.security.service.SecurityManager.runAs(SecurityManager.java:120)
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentManager.invokeClassDeployment(ClassDeploymentManager.java:258)
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentManager.runStartupsBeforeAppDeployments(ClassDeploymentManager.java:149)
at weblogic.management.deploy.classdeployment.ClassDeploymentService.start(ClassDeploymentService.java:21)
at weblogic.t3.srvr.SubsystemRequest.run(SubsystemRequest.java:64)
at weblogic.work.ExecuteThread.execute(ExecuteThread.java:256)
at weblogic.work.ExecuteThread.run(ExecuteThread.java:221) 51 more words
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