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ORA-01103: when creating a Standby Database on the same Host as the Primary Database

Typically the standby and the primary databases are located on the different hosts to ensure the full DR capabilities. However, there are some situations when you want to have the primary and standby database on the same Host. 151 more words


tnsping for DataGuard

I am preparing Dataguard for switchover with 1 primary and 3 standbys and should be able to tnsping all the services from log_archive_config=DG_CONFIG=(HAWKA,HAWKB,HAWKC)

Not sure how valuable this may be for you as I wanted to perform all the tasks in one command and know where the error is at. 232 more words


Daylight saving time support in Oracle CRS

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I am glad to announce that my blog has been entered in Top 50 Oracle Blogs. For more information about Top 100 Oracle Blogs And Websites for Oracle DBAs To Follow in 2018 please visit… 642 more words


RMAN: Synchronize standby database using production archivelog

I know what you are thinking, “Why is this nut of a DBA writing shell script to synchronize standby with achivelog !”

It just happens the environment is very restrictive and NO changes can be made without any change control. 474 more words


WHEN OTHERS -> NULL: Hidding your PLSQL Errors?

Are you using WHEN OTHERS -> NULL to hide your PLSQL errors?
Don’t be so sure…

WHEN OTHERS exception handlers that do nothing and don’t raise errors using RAISE or RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR can often hide code failures that result in hard to identify bugs. 176 more words

Cross-Session PL/SQL Function Result Cache

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I was reviewing some features in Oracle and, basically, every single time I review them I find something new. Seems Oracle Databases’ features are near to infinite and we frequently find some that can really add value to our solutions. 181 more words