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Weekend Demo: Oracle ADF 11g Training: Saturday, July 30 at 09:30 PM India Time

SM Consultant is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle ADF Training.

To attend the class please login at : … 19 more words


How to implement permissions on your activities with Oracle Adaptive Case Management ?

When our Oracle Adaptive Case Management project started we initially used the default permissions on the case (Public, Restricted) to make sure our activities where available to the correct BPM application roles. 987 more words


Losing /u01

There was an incident where /u01 was lost.

This means having to reinstall and patch software again.

When installing grid and I encountered:

CRS is already configured on this node for crshome=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid
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ReCreate ASM Disks

The following ASM disks were created which does not follow convention:
ASM_REDO01_006, ASM_REDO01_007, ASM_REDO01_008, ASM_REDO01_009, and ASM_REDO01_010

It should be:
ASM_REDO01_001, ASM_REDO01_002, ASM_REDO01_003, ASM_REDO01_004, and ASM_REDO01_005… 815 more words


Check ASM Diskgroup Space and Directory Size

The script below can be used to check the Disk Group Space Free and also Check Directory sizes for each Disk Group

The script is written by somebody at Pythian but i cannot re-collect the original link to the blog. 477 more words