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Automating DG Broker

I have been applying PSU lately and what’s so hard out it?

Four+ databases running on Primary with DG Broker for standby.

There are no conventions, as some standby databases have dr appended to primary name while others have 2 appended to primary name. 533 more words


Oracle DataGuard and Standby Database Archive Logs

Users see your wonderful DataGuard implementation like this:

And yet, you know the actual picture looks more like this:

High-availability – the concept behind it makes every DBA shudder because every time it seems you deal with one element and have it protected, there’s another underlying component that also needs protection and redudancy, or else your solution is still insufficient. 845 more words


Oracle 11gR2 - DBA_DATA_FILES MAXBYTES value 0

Oracle 11gR2 – DBA_DATA_FILES MAXBYTES value 0

When we query the DBA_DATA_FILES table (for scripting), we need to take extra care while getting data from MAXBYTES column. 157 more words

Oracle Database

Export to Excel enhancements in JDeveloper and JDeveloper 12.1.3

In the current JDeveloper version and 12.1.3 the af:exportCollectionActionListener got enhanced by options to filter the data to export.

The option this blog talks about is the one marked, the FilterMethod. 776 more words


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Naviagting an af:table in pagination mode from a bean

A question on the JDeveloper and ADF OTN forum asked about how to navigate to a specific page of an af:table in pagination mode. As of JDeveloper adf tables can be rendered in scroll mode or in pagination mode where only a specific number of rows are visible in the table. 863 more words


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Know when to rebuild indexes


An Oracle server index is a schema object that can speed up the retrieval of rows by using a pointer.

You can create indexes on one or more columns of a table to speed SQL statement execution on that table. 593 more words


Reducing Tablespace Size

In the last post about tablespaces (tablespaces free space) I talked about used and free space in permanent and temporary tablespaces. I also included a script to see all the tablespaces with the f…

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