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path to set images for fmap: function in presentation services/Reports/dashboards in obiee

You might need to show custom image with title, logo of company in header or any such manner where you can show images by just using… 96 more words


OBIEE11g: Managed server services Stuck: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded error

One fine day, if you suddenly face an issue of OBIEE being not working, managed server services in ‘Hang’ or ‘STUCK’ state, try to restart the services but no luck etc. 299 more words


Drop multiple columns faster in Oracle

From documentation: http://docs.oracle.com/database/122/ADMIN/managing-tables.htm#GUID-74A86E52-E2D2-405E-B888-94164E3973B9

“If you are concerned about the length of time it could take to drop column data from all of the rows in a large table, you can use the… 304 more words


'Catalog' not visible despite of having access in OBIEE11g.

One of my user raised an issue of ‘Catalog’ menu being not visible on homepage along with other menu items like Dashboard, Open, New etc. 100 more words


Migrating an Oracle 11g Database to a 12c Pluggable Database using Data Pump

1- Export DB:

as oradb:
if application is not down and in order to make consistent import get DB SCN when you export:

$ sqlplus / as sysdba… 266 more words


BAM POC wrap-up and recording

This is the last post in a series about BAM. In this series of a total of 18 post (including this one) I have described my overall experiences with BAM while performing a POC. 317 more words


Oracle DB Vault New Features in Oracle 12c R1 - Part 2 : Enabling DB Vault

In this article I will continue to describe the changes in Oracle DB Vault in  Oracle 12c version.

At the below note I explained the changes at DB Vault installation . 464 more words