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Recovery Means...

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, so to celebrate, I wanted to re-run a post about what recovery means to me. Hopefully my readers can add to this list: 266 more words

12-Step Recovery

Peaceful Coexistence

For years, I’ve asserted that patients on medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction can find benefits in twelve step recovery meetings. Many of my readers have disagreed with me, vehemently at times. 582 more words

12-Step Recovery

Combining Medication-Assisted Treatment and 12- Step recovery: One Patient’s Success Story

A few weeks ago, I posted a few articles about 12-step recovery. Several readers became very upset, even saying that if I was pro-12-step, I couldn’t really be an advocate for medicated-assisted treatment of opioid addiction. 2,911 more words


The Differences Between 12-Step Recovery and Other Group Therapies

It struck me that some of my readers may not know that 12-step meetings are run differently and have different norms of interaction than other support groups. 817 more words

12-Step Recovery

12-Step Recovery and Medication- Assisted Treatment: Mutually Exclusive?

I’m surprised and disappointed by all the negative comments to my blog from medication-assisted treatment (MAT) advocates who strongly criticize my article on excuses people use to justify not attending 12-step recovery. 821 more words

12-Step Recovery

Excuses for not going to 12-step meetings:

Some people collect stamps. I collect reasons for not going to 12-step meetings:

I’m too busy.
I don’t have a car.
I don’t have a license to drive my car. 558 more words

12-Step Recovery

Does 12-Step Recovery Really Work?

I recommend 12-step meetings to my patients, because we have evidence these meetings work, at least for some patients. Studies of AA’s effectiveness, obviously difficult due to the anonymous nature of the program, have been conducted since 1945. 451 more words

12-Step Recovery