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Program of Recovery Tools

This was something that my first sponsor told me to do when I started program.  It is something that  I have tried to follow ever since. 113 more words

In The End: Only Three Things Matter 

Over the weekend, I received this quote from justloveaudio.com which I thought would make an inspiring picture.

For me, this quote encapsulates the principles of love, service, humility, surrender and acceptance in our program. 17 more words

Service & Selflessness: We Can't Keep It Unless We Give It Away

During our meeting this week, we discussed anonymity and service.

While I was exploring the topic, I came across this story which I thinks blends well with program. 309 more words

12 Step booklet to be released in November

Hello, readers!

I’m working on releasing a collection of essays exploring how the 12 Steps have played out in my own life and how to apply them to life in a practical manner. 116 more words


More on Tradition 12

Now that my computer has been fixed, I am going through all my old files. This is something that I came across on Tradition 12. 223 more words


Formula for Peace of Mind

Formula for Peace of Mind

This was something that I came across that I thought others might be interested in.

In a study by Duke University, 9 factors were found to be most likely to contribute to emotional and mental stability. 290 more words

18 Easy Does It


This is from the book “Living Sober”

‘Easy Does It’

Have you just this minute finished reading the previous section, and are you now rushing right into this one? 1,261 more words

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