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Getting There in One Peace - Recovery as the Road Less Traveled

By: Jana Greene

A long time ago, when I was just a new human being, I decided that I wanted to go places. As I grew, I came to realize that I could not merely transport myself to that place called Destiny; I would need a vehicle. 872 more words


When you can't seem to let go.......

So here I am, sitting here, licking an old wound. I know what to do. I know what the Big Book tells me. I know what my sponsor told me. 235 more words


It's been a while

So I have not blogged in quite sometime. It’s not because I have been drinking. I have been living life. I recently celebrated 7 years sobriety. 116 more words


The Opposite of Change

On yesterday I had an encounter with a group of individuals that was a very impactful for me. The encounter impacted me in a way that made me consider this thought, a body of individuals can force their leaders to be away or act out of character based off of previous experiences. 739 more words

12 Steps

12 Steps- Week 6

Don’t think I’e given up just yet. Last week was a week full of new twists and turns and surprises, and well time got away from me, and this week has been the same, just not as good. 502 more words

12 Steps

12 Steps- Week 4

If You’ve been following along we are currently trekking through the book: The Twelve Steps- A Spiritual Journey. We are doing Step One questions 5-10 this week. 652 more words

12 Steps