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One Day At a Time

Here I am, half way through the first day of what I am now calling “recovery”.

I’ve decided to approach my relationship with food in a similar vein as Alcoholics Anonymous, or as it turns out it’s an actual thing – … 571 more words

The Co-dependent Strikes Back

Interesting week….I feel like I’ve been reborn or maybe found, I’m not sure.  Or maybe I’ve just mentally come home after a long absence.  Whatever, many areas that were not working in my life have been reviewed and actioned.  660 more words

Still going...

I am rubbish at sticking to anything. That was one of the reasons for blogging while getting sober. It would be something I had to put time and effort into, in a sustained and continuous way. 303 more words


As Sleep Eludes Me

In my world, there is no sense of normalcy when it comes to sleep.  I can go from sleeping for eight hours without moving, to sleeping for just a few hours completely restlessly in a matter of days (usually, it’s the latter).  679 more words

Keeping it Sober

Honestly, I still get daily resentments every time I pass the neighborhood bar.





Wednesday night I sat with someone I trust deeply, and told her some amazingly difficult and hard things about myself. I told her my resentments, everything going back to childhood. 519 more words



It works if you believe it works.  I came to believe fairly quickly.  Then I came to understand that I was only believing in the concept. 232 more words

12 The Hard Way