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Comfort for the inner child

It’s been a week of focusing on the positives. There were plenty of reasons to feel negative – but we’re trying to get past that at the moment. 947 more words


Minding My Own Business

If I was hearing the phrase mind your own business for the first time w/o any associations I would think it meant take care off your own affairs.If I was hearing the slogan” Live and let live” for the first time” I would understand that it is a wise and wonderful suggestion to really be alive. 62 more words


Making Amends to my Mom

This is the letter I wrote and read to my mother as part of my Step 9 work. In my opinion, my mother and I have had a very strained and painful relationship for many years. 642 more words


December 3rd* Another Year Clean!

Today is my clean date. I have 11 years. During that time I had a government agency remove me from a job over a technicality, have a son shot, felt the crushing weight of being dumped, … 202 more words


ODAT December 3, 2016 - Intuition

One Day At A Time

Don’t listen to friends when the Friend inside you says, “Do this!”
Mahatma Gandhi

The Oxford dictionary describes intuition as “immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning.” Well, I certainly never acted on intuition for most of my life because, in order for me to make any decision, it had to be based on cold hard logic. 609 more words

Listening to the Little Voice

I don’t always equate the little voice to my higher power, premonition, or to conscience, but a mixture of the three. It’s an underlying sense of balance or the lack thereof. 298 more words