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It would be fair to say that I’ve spent a lot of time in recovery worrying about my personality: whether it’s good enough to survive this world, or whether I have to keep working on it until I reach some optimal point with myself. 2,174 more words


Looking in the Mirror

The the hardest thing to do is to look at yourself even though we see ourselves everyday; in the mirror, on social media, or the million selfies we need to take to get the perfect one. 666 more words


3 great meeting types with the best recovery rates

Ok, gang, how are you all on this fine Saturday morning? It’s gray and humid here, but it’s been a good day, regardless. Even if it wasn’t, I can start my day all over again whenever I want. 979 more words



When I had my job interview yesterday, I was shocked to hear how the interviewer was talking. She was not only praising me, it seemed like she was  1,073 more words

I Want to Be Free: My Journey of Recovery from Addiction.

I had a truly beautiful moment of connection today with another friend who is a recovered addict. We both have long term sobriety and we both chase after the spiritual solution to our addict dilemma like we chased after the drug. 3,329 more words

I Have A Voice

One of my early memories is of being gathered around the dinner table and politely asking for the salt, “please pass the salt” and no one hears me. 686 more words


Trusting Yourself

Trust and recovery can take time. I have been working on issues of trusting others lately. Regaining trust can be difficult especially if you are the loved one of the addict. 234 more words

Life Choices