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I suppose I have yet to learn that best friendships are not always forever. In other words, it was a complete shock that the woman I have considered one of my best friends, a sister, for several years has defrocked me from my maid-of-honor position at her wedding. 411 more words



Somewhere on my daughter’s shelf sits this book. I have taught her that it’s ok to wonder. After all, there is Wonder bread, Wonder Woman, and Alice in Wonderland.   283 more words



 I believe I will make mistakes from time to time.  Today, I believe I live to learn from them.  I believe that God has a special place in His heart for the mentally ill and those who toil with neurosis and psychosis, befogged by the methods of madness in their minds. 250 more words


cave woman in control

In February 2013 a friend introduced me to the Paleo diet, she had success in not only dropping weight, but also in feeling much better. March 1, 2013 I committed myself to following the Paleo diet and I loved everything about it; real whole foods, delicious home cooking, high cacao percentage dark chocolate, and there were no set limits about how much to eat. 222 more words


Wednesday: Principles Destroy Principalities | Rabbi Ralph Messer

One of the things that we see all throughout the Torah is God’s structure, which is given through His Principles. That structure provides boundaries which in turn provide protection, provision, and prosperity. 387 more words


Jumping Off

Sometimes in life, you just have to throw your hands up….and enjoy the ride!

There are few dull moments in my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 307 more words


Daily Mitzvot

I learned about mitzvot at a very young age. A mitzvah (plural: mitzvot) is Hebrew for “good deed,” or “commandment,” as in, God commands His people to perform good deeds throughout their lives. 697 more words

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