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Ego Thursday

I attended an AA meeting this morning at 7.30am.  I was met by a group of people who were turning their faces to the sun and letting the shadows fall behind them; letting the light in.   399 more words

Finding Spirituality

Growing up, I knew nothing of spirituality.  I knew religion.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Say these things, act this way and you will be promised a golden seat in Heaven.   677 more words

Stay Well

It’s good to take a look back and remember the good choices we made in recovery. Sure beats lingering long over all the horrible things we did in our addiction. 302 more words

Recovery Principles

The Evolution of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Evolution of Alcoholics Anonymous with Marv R., Bruce H. and the Monty’man.

Let’s talk about what we have done right, and what could we do just a little better! http://youtu.be/QUXHpXghBB4


displacement’s a mess.

When confronted with something I don’t want to do, I find it much easier to whip up some drama about a person, place or thing that I can’t control.  354 more words

The Twelve Steps

Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Addiction

Addiction, no matter what the addiction is to, is a powerful thing. It can take hold of your life and consume it in an instant. No one wakes up and says “today I will be an addict.” That’s because addictions make everything else in life seem trivial. 505 more words

Scottsdale Recovery Center

Sometimes My Mind is in the Drivers' Seat and Other Disturbing Alcoholic Thoughts

I have to be honest: I have been terrible about getting on here and writing down my thoughts. It’s been pure avoidance, really. It’s been the old tapes playing in the back of my head that tell me taking time out here to collect my thoughts is selfish; I have other things I should be doing: grading papers, grocery shopping, doing laundry, finding baseball socks under the couch. 401 more words