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They Speak of God and Angels... 

My first attempt at poetry…

They Speak of God and Angels,

Diseases of the Soul

Powerlessness and Surrender In their Stories I was told

They Speak about Forgiveness… 169 more words

Narcissism 101

Let's begin 

Without and end in sight, I’m going to recount my struggle with addiction and my fall from “having it all.”

I use that term loosely “having it all” because I may have possessed achievements and objects, but that was my complete misconception of life. 323 more words


Listening, Saints and Miracles

By Miguel Prats

In this article, I describe how faith is important for healing after abuse. I hope Victims Assistance Coordinators, who are trying to find ways to help survivors in their care, will find these ideas inspiring and useful. 971 more words


"Did He Just Say God?"

I was a 26 year old junkie, a street kid whose only profession was “squatter”. I had been using for more than half of my life and going hard for the past 10 years. 539 more words


Get off the "Crazy Carousel" with the help of a Higher Power: My thoughts on Step Two

Click here to read the introduction to my 12 Step Series and find links to all of my 12 Step posts in one place as they become available.  1,493 more words


Opening the Closet

5 months ago to the day, 18 February, I chose to walk out my relapse and recovery on public platforms. Initially it started out as an accountability thing with a desire to reach out to other’s who struggle in whatever form. 1,133 more words

Swimming in Could Be’s

I am swimming in could be’s. Maybe you can relate; maybe you can’t. It’s okay if you do, it’s okay if you don’t. Only God can be in the past, present and the future simultaneously. 460 more words