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As a mother, I often wonder if I’m doing a ‘good job’. My upbringing didn’t really teach me good parenting skills, and I frequently fight back the anxiety that I’m passing my pain onto the next generation in a never ending cycle. 989 more words

The Trust Equation

+/- Trust = Time + Consistent Behavior

I wish this was more complex.  But it’s true.  All you need to do is exhibit a behavior consistently and people will come to define you by it.   183 more words

Turning Doubt and Uncertainty into Hope

Day 3 – Turning Doubt and Uncertainty into Hope

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Williams… 1,164 more words

Addiction Recovery an incredible Journey

A good friend of mine once said that there are 5 ways the enemy assaults us.

  1. Deception
  2. Distraction
  3. Discouragement
  4. Domination
  5. Destruction

My eyes went wide and I’m pretty sure my jaw literally dropped. 1,358 more words

Spiritual Principles

Everyone talks about applying the steps and spiritual principles in our lives and in our programs. I mean the twelfth step even says, “practice these principles in all our affairs”. 186 more words


No Skipping Steps 6 and 7.

So, back to the steps. We have dug into steps 1,2 and 3. I have spoken often of step 4, the inventory step or “stuff’s just got real” step. 406 more words


Committed To Staying

August 16th, 2016 Became a real change in living conditions and in 9 months I am becoming stable living in my own apartment alone, but content. 380 more words