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Inventory No. 73

Inventory No. 73
May 2001
Palmer House, Stonington
Models: Erin Fowler & Angela Lavoie
8” x 10″  photo size
12″  x 16″     framed

Black And White

Project 52: Week 40; Portrait - Sitting In A Chair

I’ve been slacking off, again, with my 52 week photography project lately, if I’m honest I’m feeling in a slight photographic rut and the briefing’s for each work are starting to grate on me a little, for example the one for week 40 “sitting in a chair”, I mean come on, who came up with this? 33 more words


Working on Documentary Project...

Hey everyone! This post is kind of late, but I’ve been really busy on a documentary project for one of my classes. I’m currently trying to document a park in Switzerland, FL called Alpine Groves and I usually go out to shoot every Sunday. 105 more words


A Day With a Holga Camera

I shot this roll of 120 mm on my dinky little cheap Holga camera once upon a time with my good friend Morgan. I wasn’t even expecting anything to really turn out with it, but the results ended up being great! 22 more words


Medium Format : Forty Nine

 Yashica D, 80mm, Fuji NPS 160S (expired 1991), f8, 1/125th sec.


The Arrival of Film!

I received the film I sent off to get processed. There is some good and some bad. Like all photography, I have to look it them, put them away, then look through them again. 65 more words

Found Another (Possible) Plastic Camera!

My camera hunt continues and my interest in the Olympus Trip 35 has not disappeared. But I’ve been also checking out plastic cameras and toy cameras since that’s where my niche lies. 170 more words