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Slightly more fine art based.  Is a mixed media collage i created from graph paper and my own black and white photograms.  Looking back I can see this could be a beginning of a series, which I may pick up again.



In continuation with the previous photograph ‘Home’

It’s really beautiful to see these home like dwellings peppered around the forest.  They also have a very skeletal appearance emitting a haunting presence.   27 more words


Few and Far between

First photograph taken with the Yashica, also the first impulse using nature as my stimulation



Walking through Richmond Park, I kept coming across these make shift huts created out of branches and verdancy.  There was a sense of absence and mystery as they felt like someone’s home.   27 more words


Another day of prep...

Today I decided it was time to invest in the last few things I needed to finally get all the black and white film I have been holding in my fridge developed. 125 more words

Do It Yourself at Strange Neighbour..

On Saturday 31st Jan I took my first dark steps..

I say dark steps and by that I mean steps into the dark room. I have always wanted to be a lot more self sufficient as a photographer and needed to remind myself that I can do things that I never thought I could as well. 549 more words