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11.09. one. from cage to antin, cabinet to david

I realised I’d been taking John Cage for granted after finding him in many of the places I looked, listened or wandered in zero nine. 385 more words

Guy Mannes-abbott

05.09. from me to roni horn, back and back again

Roni Horn’s retrospective began at Tate Modern before travelling westwards. I found myself going again and again, spending minutes and sometimes hours there, wishing it were a… 683 more words

Guy Mannes-abbott

02.09. angus fairhurst retrospective; back to the future

When Tom Trevor presented a retrospective of the willfully wide ranging works of the late Angus Fairhurst at the ‘new’ Arnolfini in Bristol I expected much journalistic mythologising as well as critical celebration or at least engagement. 1,302 more words

Guy Mannes-abbott