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Ridvan 1863, Taherzadeh's Account

Excerpts from Volume 1 of Adib Taherzadeh’s (1983) The Revelation of Baha’u’llah: Baghdad 1853-63. pp. 261-290. This is in the editing process. I am replacing footnotes with exact references which I hope to eventually link to reliable digital sources. 9,880 more words


Timeline of Events Related to Festival of Ridvan

This is a personal research tool compiled partially from Campbell and Momen (1996: 69).

1863-04-22 Baha’u’llah left His house for the last time and walked to the Najibiyyih Garden, known since then as the Garden of Ridvan (Paradise). 859 more words


Video Clips and Slideshows Available Online

Much of the Multimedia – audio, video, images, blogs and podcasts content has been created by enthusiastic individual members of the Baha’i Faith and does not necessarily represent the views of the National Spiritual Assemblies however the NSA of the US does provide… 418 more words


The Divine Springtime is Come

4. Tablets and writings associated with Ridvan. A number of important tablets of Baha’u’llah are associated with Ridvan. These include: “d. “The Divine Springtime is come. 2,256 more words


Ridvan: Suggested Prayers and Readings

See also The Ridvan Tablet “The Divine Springtime Has Come.”

Inhale the fragrances of the Ridvan from His roses and be not of those who are deprived. 6,548 more words